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Q&A – Open call for tender for an Integrated Library System for the European University Institute OP/EUI/LIB/2015/001

Question 1

We would need to know which ERM system is currently in use – if any – and if you require that ERM data is included in the migration to the new system.

Answer 1

The EUI Library currently manages its Electronic Resources using the ERM module in the Innovative Millennium system (for describing the collections / databases and any licences linked to them) and the Ex Libris SFX link resolver (to manage the holdings linked to those collections / databases). As stated in article II.3.1, migration of the link resolver data is mandatory. On the other hand, migration of electronic resource and licence data stored in the Innovative Millennium system is not mandatory but, although not expressly specified, could be considered as covered by the last paragraph of article II.3.5. Therefore, if a proposal includes the migration of ERM data from the EUI Innovative Millennium system, it will be assessed appropriately.

Question 2

While in the tender requirements  we see that you make reference to your current institutional repository and the metadata formats that are managed within it (page 15 of tender specifications document) it is not clear to us whether it is your intention to move the management of your digital collections to the new Integrated Library System or not. In case you intend to use the new ILS for the management of such collections can you please clarify if you will manage just the metadata (which metadata format will need to be managed?) or also the digital object files within the  system. If the latter we would need to know what is the current size of such collections in terms of GB.

Answer 2

This EUI does not have the intention to manage any institutional repository or digital collection with the new Integrated Library System. The scope of this tender, as far as institutional repositories or digital collections are concerned, is limited to the possibility of downloading records from OAI-compliant repositories as part of the cataloguing module (article II.7.3) and to the possibility for the optional discovery service of harvesting metadata records from locally managed repositories, for the sole purposes of searching and displaying those records (articles II.15.1 and II.15.5).

Question 3

Re. Specifications – Art. 5 – Selection Criteria – economic an dfinancial capacity (page 7):  The financial statements or extracts from balance sheets for at least the last two (2) financial years for which accounts have been closed, where publication of the balance sheet is required under the company law of the country in which the economic operator is established”

1) Is it required the English version of the only financial statements (“bilancio di esercizio”) or also the explanatory note (“nota integrativa”);

2) Moreover, the English versions at our disposal are not signed because they are only courtesy translations. We have collected the signature (necessary for the Italian Chamber of Commerce) only for the Italian version so if you want we can provide you also the signed Italian version.

Answer 3

The financial statement or extracts from balance sheets can be submitted in any official language of the European Union, accompanied, where applicable, by any official explanatory note.

Question 4

Con la presente si richiede, ove possibile, l’invio della documentazione relativa al bando in oggetto in lingua italiana.

Answer 4

The documentation for this call for tenders is available in English language only. Moreover, as stated in article 2 of the Invitation Letter, tenders should be submitted in English language.

Question 5

Is the Draft of Service Contract – ANNEX H – OP/EUI/LIB/2015/001 to be included in the administrative documentation and submitted with the Tender?

Answer 5

The Draft Contract should not be included in the administrative documentation, but, as stated in the Invitation letter, art. 6:  Submission of a tender implies acceptance of all the terms and conditions set out in this invitation to tender, in the tender specifications and in the draft contract and, where appropriate, waiver of the tenderer's own general or specific terms and conditions. Submission of a tender is binding on the tenderer to whom the contract is awarded for the duration of the contract.

Question 6

A) In case of tender award, how much time do we have to issue a bank guarantee from contract signature?

B) Is the amount of the bank guarantee equal to the 10% of the total amount of the contract or to the annual contract only?

C) Shall the percentage of the bank guarantee calculation be reduced to 5% in case of Certification ISTQB - INTERNATIONAL SOFTWARE TESTING QUALIFICATION BOARD?

Answer 6

A) The performance guarantee shall be issued no later than the date of dispatch of the invoice for payment of the balance according to the conditions laid down in Article II.15.5 of the Draft Contract. Please note that in Art. 10 of the Tender Specifications the reference to Art. I.4.2 of the Draft Contract is not correct and should be read as Art. I.4.4.

B) The amount of the guarantee should be calculated on the basis of the annual average cost of the contract. E.g. 3 year contract: - year 1 cost=60000; - year 2: cost=30000; - year 3 cost=27000;  average=39000; 10% = 3900.

C) No reductions are allowed for the guarantee.

Question 7

Regarding the two lists cited in reference, could you please confirm us that we must supply the requested information exclusively using your Annex E and Annex F .xls files?  Please also confirm that we must provide the info for each title/collection included in?

Answer 7

Yes, you must supply the requested information exclusively using Annex E and Annex F and you must provide the info for each title/collection.

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