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Q&A – Open call for tender to provide Travel Agency Services to the European University Institute EUI/BFA/2015/001

Question 1

Definition of “joint venture or consortium” as section 4 of the invitation letter.

Answer 1

A joint venture or consortium is a group of economic operators.

According to the European University Institute’s Public Procurement Regulation outlined in President’s Dec. No.44/2014:

The term ‘economic operator’ can refer to a ‘work contractor’, ‘supplier’, or ‘service provider’ and means any natural or legal person or public entity or group of such persons and/or entities which offers the execution of works, the supply of products or the provision of services on the market.

In general terms:

-          A joint venture (JV) is an entity formed between two or more parties to undertake economic activity together. Both parties agree to create a new entity by contributing equity, and then share in the revenues, expenses and control of the enterprise.

-          A consortium is an association of two or more individuals, companies or organisations with the objective of participating in a common activity or pooling their resources to achieve a common goal.

Within the consortium, each participant retains separate legal status and the consortium’s control over each participant is generally limited to activities involving the joint endeavour, particularly the division of profits. A consortium is formed by contract.

More information can be found under Sections 3.1 and 3.2 of the European University Institute’s Guidebook for Tenderers.

Question 2

Is it possible to receive tender documents in Italian?

Answer 2

Tenders have the right to ask for translation of the tender docs in one of the EU official languages.

Documents in Italian will be available on tender page on Wednesday 28/10/2015 at the latest.

Question 3

In relation to deposit, both provisional and definitive: according to the current law, agencies with ISO certification are entitled to 50% discount on the sum requested. Do you comply with this rule?

Answer 3

Since the European University Institute is an international organisation, the Italian law is not applicable; therefore the agencies with ISO certification are not entitled to 50% discount on the deposit.

Question 4

Could we discuss about Payment by cash within 60 days from receipt of the invoice? Could we have a guarantee maybe by a Credit Card?

Answer 4

Since the methods of payment are stated under the EUI Financial Rules, they are not object of discussion and/or negotiation. The Institute does not give any guarantee by credit card.


Question 5

Some clarifications:

  1. Meaning of “digital form”
  2. Meaning of “TGC”
  3. Is it sufficient if Annex F is signed only by the Managing Director/Special Prosecutor?
  4. Could we send a “deviation List”? If so, which is the correct envelope to send it?
  5. Regarding the timing for payment, in order to accept your conditions, we ask for a penalty for your late payment (after 60 days) and a guarantee deposit as the one you ask for to the contractor.
  6. About the declaration at page 21 of the Tender Specifications regarding the evidences requested in articles 13 and 14, do you want it on letterhead?

Answer 5

  1. Digital form: any digital device, e.g. CD, USB keys, etc.
  2. “TGC”: temporary group of companies
  3. Annex F must be filled in and signed by each staff member of the tenderer. For example: if the proposed team is composed of two persons, two different Annexes F will be submitted, one for each person. The Managing Director/Special Prosecutor is not involved in filling this form in, unless he/she is part of the team.
  4. In order to answer, we ask for a clarification of the meaning of “Deviation list”.             
    As general rule, even if the Institute welcomes new proposals and suggestions for improving the provision of the services, bids not in compliance with the minimum requirements as defined in the Technical Specifications cannot be accepted.
  5. The bids submitted in the framework of a procurement procedure cannot be bound by requirements not in line or in contrast with the provisions of the Technical Specifications. The Institute takes the opportunity to underline that thanks to its smooth payment procedures, late payments are rare events.      
    About the performance guarantee: as general procurement rule, it is a guarantee requested by the contracting authority to the contractor in order to ensure the performances as defined during the procedure and in the final contract.
  6. Presenting such declaration on letterhead would be appreciated. 

Question 6

Is the quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 mandatory?

Answer 6

As defined under article 14.12 of the Technical Specification, the quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 is a minimum requirement to access the procedure.

In order to participate, the tenderer must:

  • have a valid UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certificate


  • be in process to obtain a quality UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certificate


  • have an equivalent quality certificate


  • be in process to obtain an equivalent quality certificate.


The Institute will evaluate the validity of the equivalent titles during the screening of the selection criteria.

 Question 7

In the document “Special Technical specification” section 14 point n.14, it is reported that the tenderer must have generated an annual turnover in the last 3 closed financial years of at least €2,5MIL. In case of a new JV or consortium (to set up on purpose for the tender) what are the criteria? Do you check the revenues of the companies included in the JV or consortium and, in that case, each of the companies must have generated the annual turnover as per the above mentioned article?

Answer 7

The relevant requirement of financial capacity refers to the financial capacity of the consortium or joint venture as a single entity (i.e. as a whole) and the combined capacity of the entities participating in the consortium is considered. Therefore the requirement of the minimum annual turnover of € 2.500.000,00 of the last three closed financial years needs to be reached by calculating the sum/total of the annual turnovers of all individual entities composing the consortium or joint venture.

Question 8

The Annex E (technical offer module) doesn't allow to be expanded to insert the description of services sequentially. Is it possible to submit the technical proposal in a word template, respecting the number of pages you have specified, taking care to indicate specific references of the table E?

Answer 8

The technical offer may be submitted expanding the Annex E – Technical offer. You can download the word document at the link http://www.eui.eu/About/Tenders/Index.aspx. Please be aware to comply with all the requirements and instructions defined in the Technical Specifications and Annex E.

Question 9

Could you please explain what are the “remuneration tables of reference” requested in Annex C-Declaration in lieu?

Answer 9

When indicating the “contratto/i collettivo/i” applied to the employees, the information shall be completed with the related salary tables.

Question 10

In the Technical Specification it is required to propose specific fees for each service, to which different scores will be awarded. To better comprehend the market, could you please give the figures of the following transactions: national flights, international flights, intercontinental flights, low-cost flights?

Answer 10

There are no punctual and objective data at the present. Generally, the most part of the transactions is composed of international flights. Occasionally intercontinental flights are required, meanwhile national flights represent exceptions. It is not possible giving a figure of low-cost flights because the choice depends on customer decision.

Question 11

The Technical Specification gives a general number of 7000 nights in hotels in 2014. Is it possible to have the precise figure of transactions or an average number of nights per transaction?

Answer 11

For year 2014: average of 2/3 nights per transaction.

Question 12

How will hotels and restaurants be paid? By the EUI or using vouchers?

Answer 12

Restaurants and hotels will be paid by the Institute.

Question 13

Chapter II, article 5b: it is required to quote the price for restaurants with and without VAT. Could you please give more details?

Answer 13

In the booking for restaurants, the costs for the provision of the services shall show the related prices both with and without VAT.

Question 14

Chapter II, article 8: the EUI reserves the right to check on random basis the quality level of the services launching customer surveys. Could you please indicate a periodicity?

Answer 14

The EUI will launch such a survey at least once a year and whenever it feels the necessity to evaluate the customer perception of the quality level of the services provided.

Question 15

Could you please give more information about the payment method, precisely on the 60days-period for payment from the reception of the invoice? Does this period apply also to the payment of the fees?

Answer 15

The total sum claimed will be paid within 60 days from the reception of the invoices but always after the actual fruition of the services. Therefore, if the fruition of the service/s is more than 60 days after the reception of the invoice, the payment will be finalised after the actual fruition.      
In such a case the payment will be finalised immediately after the fruition of the service/s.

Question 16

Could you please give more information about the cost distribution for the workstation at the EUI premises?

Answer 16

The workstation has to be considered free-of-charge, excepted for telephone and “extra” expenses that will be charged to the contractor. 

Question 17

Could you please give the figure of restaurant bookings?

Answer 17

Restaurant bookings in 2014: 18 bookings for 216 people.

Please consider that, being a new service recently launched, it might be subject to increase.  

Question 18

Could you please give the figure of rent of: cars (with and without drivers), busses and “vans”?

Answer 18

Being a new service committed in 2014, no exact figures are available.

Please refer to the data in Table I-article 5.h of the Technical Specification. 

Page last updated on 11 November 2015