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Q&A – Open call for tender to provide collective health and accident insurance services to members of the EUI community - OP/EUI/AS/2016/001


Is it possible to receive tender documents in Italian?


The documentation will be provided in Italian and be published on this webpage on Tuesday 26/04/2016. 

Question 2:

The participation to the tender is allowed to “mutual aid company” ("società di mutuo soccorso"), duly registered in the Health Funds Registry ("Anagrafe dei Fondi Sanitari") and in compliance with all legal obligations?


Participation by a mutual aid company ("società di mutuo soccorso") is allowed provided that it complies with all requirements and provisions as defined in the tender documents (e.g. Tender specifications along with its annexes, Draft Single Framework contract, etc.).

Question 3:

With reference to technical aspects, could you please specify (i) the number of assisted persons and (ii) which persons belong to this category, namely, the employees/collaborators or even households?


Please refer to articles 8 and 9 of Tender Specifications, Chapter II-Technical Specifications.

Question 4:

Would it be possible to obtain the accident claims for health and accident insurance currently in force referred to the last two years?


Please refer to the document “EUI claims” published on this webpage.

Question 5:

Could you please specify which services are included in paragraph 7 "cure" of the Annex J - Lot A - Health Insurance?


The general definition “Cure” as in point 7 of Annex j includes:

  • Convalescence, or post-operation cure prescribed by the practitioner;
  • Cure for mentally-retarded children prescribed by the practitioner;
  • similar services prescribed by the practitioner .

Question 6:

Request for clarifications received after the deadline 29/04/2016 h15:00 CET.


As defined in the tender documents and highlighted on this webpage, the deadline for presenting request for further clarifications was Friday 29/04/2016 by h15:00 CET.

For ensuring an equal treatment among potential tenderers, the EUI can therefore not reply to request for clarification received after the indicated deadline.

Page last updated on 03 May 2016