Academy of European Law Summer School

VillaSchifanoiaThe Academy of European Law (AEL) holds two summer courses each year, on Human Rights Law and the Law of the European Union.  Each course runs for two weeks and the programme consists of a General Course (six classes) and a set of Specialized Courses (three classes for each) focused on a topical theme.

These high-level programmes for researchers and practitioners are given by leading authorities from the worlds of academia and practice. Course participants have a chance to study in beautiful surroundings, make use of one of Europe’s best-stocked academic libraries, meet and connect with students from all over Europe and beyond, and discuss issues with some of the most qualified scholars in the field.

Each year Oxford University Press publishes the Collected Courses of the Academy of European Law, which draw upon lectures given at the summer courses. The series comprises monographs based on the General Courses and collections of essays related to the Specialized Courses.

2014 Summer School

  • 16 - 27 June 2014: Human Rights Law


The 2014 Summer School on Human Rights Law comprises a General Course on ‘21st Century Human Rights’ by Harold Hongju Koh (Professor of Law, Yale Law School) and a series of specialized courses on the topic of ‘Freedom of Religion, Secularism and Human Rights’ by leading scholars from universities all over the world. The Summer School will also include two distinguished lectures by Bruno Simma (Judge at the Iran-United States Claims Tribunal; former Judge at the International Court of Justice) and Joseph H.H.Weiler (President of the European University Institute).

Human Rights Law course programme
2014 Human Rights Law course faculty

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  • 30 June - 11 July 2014: The Law of the European Union

    Corgarashu-EULawThe 2014 Summer School on the Law of the European Union comprises a General Course on 'The Internal Market as a Legal Concept' by Stephen Weatherill (Jacques Delors Professor of European Law, Somerville College and Law faculty, Oxford University) and a series of specialized courses on the topic of 'EU Legal Acts: Challenges and Transformations' by leading scholars and practitioners in the Law of the European Union. The Summer School will also include a distinguished lecture by Marta Cartabia (Judge at the Italian Constitutional Court and Professor of Constitutional Law, Bicocca University in Milan).
    The Law of the European Union course programme
    2014 Law of the European Union course faculty
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How to apply

Please read the admission requirements carefully before submitting the application form. Note: the new deadline for applications is Monday 28 April 2014.

Information for EUI Researchers applying for AEL summer courses. The deadline for applications by EUI Researchers is 25 March 2014.

Further information for participants

Diploma of the Academy

The Academy has created a high-level diploma for students who pass an examination at the end of each summer course. Please read more information on the Diploma examination.

The 2013 Diplomas were awarded to the following course participants:

Academy of European Law Diploma in Human Rights Law 

Maria Papaioannou (Greece)

Giulia Vicini (Italy)

Academy of European Law Diploma in the Law of the European Union

Michael Wolfgang Müller (Germany)

Persons awarded the AEL Diploma














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