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Giancarlo Corsetti

Joint Chair Professor - Economics Department and Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies

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Department of Economics
Villa San Paolo
Via della Piazzuola 43
50133 Firenze - Italy
Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies
Convento di San Domenico
Via delle Fontanelle 19
I-50014 San Domenico di Fiesole (FI) - Italy

Short Biography

Giancarlo Corsetti is Pierre Werner Chair, joint professor at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies and the Department of Economics at the European University Institute. He joined the Institute in 2003, on leave from the University of Rome III, where he is Professor of Economics. He has previously taught at the Universities of Bologna, Yale and Columbia.

His main field of interest is international economics. His main contributions to the literature include general equilibrium models of the international transmission mechanisms and optimal monetary policy in open economies, analyses of currency and financial crises and their international contagion, and models of international policy cooperation and international financial architecture.

Prof. Corsetti has published articles in many international journals including Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, Economic Policy, Economics and Politics, European Economic Review, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Journal of Monetary Economics, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Review of Economic Studies, and the Journal of International Economics.

He has co-authored an award-winning book on the 1992-93 crisis of the European Monetary System, Financial Markets and European Monetary Cooperation. Prof. Corsetti is currently co-editor of the Journal of International Economics, and Research in Economics and associate editor of the Journal of the European Economic Association, and serves in the Economic Policy panel.

Giancarlo Corsetti is Research Fellow of the Centre for Economic Policy Research in London, where he serves as Co-Director of the International Macroeconomic Programme. He is also a member of the European Economic Advisory Group at CESifo in Munich, publishing a yearly Report on the European Economy.

Prof. Corsetti has been a scientific consultant to the European Central Bank and the Bank of Italy, and a visiting scholar at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the International Monetary Fund. He has been the editor of the Euro Homepage, a popular Web site tracking Euro-related studies and news since 1999.

As Pierre Werner Chair at the EUI he has promoted a visiting programme on issues related to the macroeconomics of monetary unions, open to researchers from both policy and academic institutions, and has been organizing yearly international conferences at the Institute. He is also serving as Chair of the Programme Committee of the 2007 European Economic Association Congress, to be held in Budapest. 


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Selected Publications

  • “Debt consolidation and stabilization of deep recessions”, with Keith Kuester , André Meier, Gernot Müller. Forthcoming, American Economic Review, Paper and Proceedings, 2010.
  • “International Spillovers from Fiscal Stimulus”, joint with Andre Meier and Gernot Mueller, Forthcoming in International Journal of Central Banking “
  • ‘The extensive margin and monetary policy’”, with Paul Bergin, Journal of Monetary Economics, 55(7), 2008, 222-1237.
  • “High exchange rate volatility and low pass-through” with Luca Dedola and Sylvain Leduc, Journal of Monetary Economics, 2008, 55(6) pp 1113-1128.
  • “Twin deficit, Openness and the business cycle”, with Gernot Mueller, prepared for the 2007 EEA Meeting in Budapest, 2007, Journal of European Economic Association (Papers and Proceedings).
  • “The simple geometry of transmission and stabilization in closed and open economy”, with Paolo Pesenti, in Lucrezia Reichlin and Kennet West (eds.), NBER International Seminar on Macroeconomics 2007.
  • “International Risk Sharing and the International Transmission of Productivity Shocks”, with Luca Dedola and Sylvain Leduc, Review of Economic Studies 2008, vol 75 (2) 443-473. 2008, vol 75 (2) 443-473.
  • “Productivity, External Balance and Exchange Rates: Evidence on the Transmission Mechanism Among G7 Countries”, with Luca Dedola and Sylvain Leduc, in Lucrezia Reichlin and Kennet West (eds.), NBER International Seminar on Microeconomics 2006.
  • “Productivity spillovers, terms of trade and the `home market effect”, with Philippe Martin and Paolo Pesenti. Journal of International Economics. 2007, 73(1): 99-127. 
  • “Twin Deficits: squaring theory evidence and common sense”, with Gernot Mueller, Economic Policy, 2006, 48, 597-638, 2006, 48 pp 597-638.
  • “Openness and the case for flexible exchange rates”, Research in Economics, 2006, 60 pp 1-21.
  • “International Lending of Last Resort and Moral Hazard: a model of IMF’s catalytic finance”, with Bernardo Guimaraes and Nouriel Roubini, Journal of Monetary Economics, 2006, 53 pp 441-471.
  • “Fiscal Imbalances and the Dynamics of Currency Crises”, with Bartosz Mackowiak, European Economic Review, 2006, 50 pp 1317-1338.
  • “Macroeconomics of International Price Discrimination” with Luca Dedola, Journal of International Economics, 2005 67(1), pp 129-156, 2005 67(1), pp 129-156.
  • “International Dimensions of Optimal Monetary Policy”, with Paolo Pesenti, Journal of Monetary Economics, 2005, 52(2,) pp 281-305.
  • “Some contagion, some interdependence. More pittfalls in tests of financial contagion”, with Massimo Sbracia and Marcello Pericoli, Journal of International Money and Finance, 2005, 24, pp 1177-1199.



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