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Full-Time Professors 2016-2017

The Economics Department is staffed by full-time and part-time professors. Full-time faculty are appointed by the EUI initially for five years and can be renewed for another three years. 

The faculty come from a wide range of universities throughout Europe and beyond and maintain links with their home universities or research institutes.

Their main tasks at the EUI are to teach and supervise doctoral researchers and to pursue their own research.

Assistant Professors:


Part-Time Professors 2016-2017

Each year the Department hires part-time professors from leading universities. In addition to the full-time faculty, the part-time professors give a wide range of advanced and specialised graduate courses to first and second-year researchers.

  • Jérôme Adda, Università Bocconi, will be here once or twice a month to teach the course on Methods for writing a PhD thesis.
  • Peter Cramton, University of Maryland, will be here all academic year.
  • Arthur Schram, University of Amsterdam, whole academic year, Areas of Research: Experimental Economics, Public Economics, Political Economics, Industrial Organization and Behavioral Economics
  • Antonio Villanacci, Università di Firenze, is here in September-October and is teaching the Mathematics course.

Visiting Professors 2016-2017

  • Paul Beaudry, University of British Columbia, September-December 2016
    Areas of Research: Macroeconomics, monetary policy, labour economics, technical change and growth
  • Joel Sobel, University of California, October-November 2016
    Areas of Research: Game theory, information economics
  • Joseph Ostroy, UCLA, October-November2016
    Areas of Research: Foundations of perfect competition and incentive theory, asset pricing and business cycles


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