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Prizes and Awards

Professor Evi Pappa and Eugenia Vella were awarded a John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation grant. News Item.

Every other year, the German business daily, "Das Handelsblatt", publishes a ranking of academic economists in the German speaking area, including also German-speaking economists abroad. In total, they rank about 2,500 academics. They have published the ranking of research productivity from 2009 to 2013. Productivity is measured by peer-reviewed publications, where journals are assigned quality-adjusted weights and co-authorship is adjusted by 1/N. Professor Matthias Sutter is ranked second among the 2,500 academics.

EUI Economics Department's Professor Peter Reinhard Hansen was elected Fellow of the Society for Financial Econometrics (SoFiE), in recognition of his outstanding contributions to financial econometrics. SoFiE is a global network of academics and practitioners dedicated to sharing research and ideas in the fast-growing field of financial econometrics.

The UniCredit and Universities Foundation's Scientific Committee selected the paper "More versus Closer Friends: How Gender Shapes Social Networks and their Effects on Performance" as one of the two best papers of the competition. The authors are our PhD Researchers Ilse Lindenlaub and Anja Prummer. They were awarded €5,000 at an Awarding Ceremony held on 3 June 2013 at UniCredit Headquarters in Milano. Congratulations, Ilse and Anja!

Tommaso Oliviero, EUI Economics Department fourth year researcher, is the winner of the fourth edition of the Ugo Foscolo Europe Research Fellowship by UniCredit & Universities Foundation. The competition was open to the most qualified PhD researchers in economics and finance. The fellowship offers a position at a university within a country where UniCredit is present. Tommaso will take up his post-doc position at the Centre for Studies in Economics and Finance (CSEF) of the University Federico II di Napoli. Congratulations, Tommaso.

Andrei Sirchenko's paper "A Model for Ordinal Responses with an Application to Policy Interest Rate" has received the Zvi Griliches Excellence Award ($2000) from the Economics Education and Research Consortium (EERC). The EERC Network’s International Advisory Board stated in its evaluation of the project that the paper makes an interesting and important contribution to modeling monetary policy and to the econometrics of estimating ordered choice models.

The annual scientific award in memory of Urmas Sepp of the Bank of Estonia (€2300) goes to Aleksei Netsunajev, a third year researcher of the Economics Department and graduate of the Tallinn University of Technology. Aleksei receives the award for his research paper  "Reaction to Technology Shocks in Markov-Switching Structural VARs: Identification via Heteroskedasticity". News Item

Friederike Niepmann  was awarded the CESifo prize for her paper "Banking across Borders". During the CESifo Annual Area Conferences, the Committee for the CESifo Prize grants the Distinguished CESifo Affiliate award to a young economist for scientific originality, policy relevance and quality of exposition of a paper presented at the conference. This year's prize for the area of "Global Economy" went to Friederike, 4th year economics researcher. News item

Fernando Vega-Redondo has recently been elected to the Council of the Game Theory Society. It is a sign of professional recognition which honors Professor Vega-Redondo with the company of very prominent game theorists.

Fernando Vega-Redondo. The jury of the Urrutia Elejalde Diversity Prize unanimously agreed to  Professor Fernando Vega Redondo as the winner of the prize's second edition for the year 2011. News Item

Andrei Sirchenko (Eco Researcher) won a research grant of €4600 in the Third National Bank of Poland's Open Research Competition for  his project "Middle-inflated discrete-choice models for policy interest rate."

Patricio Andres Valenzuela Aros (Eco Researcher) received an award for one of the Best European Finance Association Doctoral Tutorial papers for his work “Rollover Risk and Corporate Bond spreads”. As part of the prize, he is invited to present it at the fall meeting of the Chicago Quantitative Alliance (CQA) in Chicago in September 2011.

Cristiana Benedetti Fasil (Eco PhD 2011) and Teodora Borota (Eco PhD 2009) won the prize for the best paper presented at "The First Annnual Conference for Young Serbian Economists", organized by the National Bank of Serbia (Belgrade, 22-23 June 2011), for their paper "World Trade Patterns and Prices: The Role of Productivity and Quality Heterogeneity".

Susanne Forstner  (Eco Researcher) received one of three best paper awards at the XVI Workshop on Dynamic Macroeconomics organized by the University of Vigo (June 29 to July 1 2011) for her paper "On-the-Job Search, Mobility Costs and Wage Inequality".

Tim Schmidt-Eisenlohr (Eco PhD 2010) and Friederike Niepmann (Eco 3rd year PhD student) won the Klaus Liebscher Award 2011 for their paper "Bank Bailouts, International Linkages and Cooperation". The authors were invited to the Economics Conference of the OeNB on May 2011 to receive the award.

Stelios Bekiros (Eco Marie Curie Fellow) received the Best Reviewer Prize/Award for 2010 by the prestigious European Journal of Operational Research (Impact factor 2.093).

Gabriel Felbermayr (Eco PhD 2004) won the Best Paper Award at the FIW Research Conference, Vienna in December 2010.

Gernot Mueller (Eco PhD 2005) and Zeno Enders (Eco PhD 2007)  won the Klaus Liebscher Award 2010 of the Austrian Central Bank (joint with Philip Jung) for the paper "Has the Euro changed the Business Cycle?" Gernot Müller won Klaus Liebscher Award 2010

Sascha O. Becker (Eco PhD 2001) won the 2010 Prize for Academic Research by the Friends of the Ifo Institute for the paper: "Was Weber Wrong?".

Tim Schmidt-Eisenlohr (Eco PhD 2010) won the Best Paper Award for "Towards a Theory of Trade Finance" at the Xth RIEF Doctoral Meeting, Kiel 2010. Best Article Award Goes to Tim Schmidt-Eisenlohr

Andrei Sirchenko (Eco Researcher) was awarded a research grant of $10,000 by the Global Development Network via the 28th Economics Education and Research Consortium Grant Competition. 

Charles Gottlieb (Eco Researcher, and Guido Ruta (Eco Max Weber Fellow) won prizes for their presentations at the XV Workshop on Dynamic Macroeconomics in June 2010 in Vigo, Spain.  Prizes Given to Charles Gottlieb and Guido Ruta

Economics Professor Luigi Guiso was awarded the prestigious Smith Breeden Prize at the American Financial Association’s annual meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, on 4 January 2010 for his paper “Trusting the Stock Market,” published in The Journal of Finance. Smith Breeden Prize Awarded to Luigi Guiso

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