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Since 1976, more than 500 PhDs have been awarded by the Department of History and Civilization.

The following statistics give an overview of 184 graduates’ profile and career paths:

  • 34% of our Doctors work in a country other than their home country.
  • 100 work in universities in Europe
  • 24 at Italian universities
  • 5 at universities in the USA
  • 2 at an Australian university
  • 1 at Sharjah University, United Arab Emirates
  • 26 in research centres in Europe and worldwide
  • 8 in the public administration
  • 7 in private companies
  • 6 for European Institutions and International Organizations
  • 4 in museums or archives


As this list suggests, our graduates are internationally competitive and win postdoctoral fellowships and appointments in both universities and other sectors.

Here is a selection of alumni of the Department of History and Civilization working in universities and other positions around the world:

  • Armand Clesse, PhD 1982 - Director of the Luxemburg Institute for European and International Studies
  • Norbert Baas, PhD 1985 - Ambassador at German Embassy in Jakarta
  • Kristian Jensen, PhD 1986 - Head of British and Early Printed Collections at the British Library UCL History Department Hon. Senior Research Associate
  • Gerhard Kuck, PhD 1987 - German Historical Institute, Rome
  • Pierre Lanfranchi, PhD 1988 - Research Professor De Monford University, Leicester UK
  • Jean Pierre Cavaillé, PhD 1990 - Maître de conférence, Centre de Recherches Historiques EHESS, Paris
  • Volker Bauer, PhD 1993 - Acting section leader of scholarly events and fellowships, Herzog August Bibliothek
  • Nuno Severiano Teixeira, PhD 1994 - Vice-rector of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa
  • Axel Körner, PhD 1995 - Reader in Modern European History, University College London
  • Marie-Emanuelle Chessel, PhD 1996 - Directrice de Recherche, CNRS, Paris
  • Polimeris Voglis, PhD 1999 - Associate Professor at the History Department,  University of Thessaly
  • Anne Marijnen, PhD 2000 - Attachée pour la coopération universitaire, Ambassade de France, Rome
  • Gijsbert Kessler, PhD 2001 - Researcher at the International Institute for Social History, Amsterdam
  • Alexander Geppert, PhD 2004 - Emmy Noether-Nachwuchsgruppenleiter, Friedrich-Meinecke-Institut, Freie Universität Berlin
  • Martin Dehli, PhD 2004 - Consultant at Actori GmbH in Munich, consulting firm
  • Valerie Hayaert, PhD 2005 - Director Language Centre and French BA Program, Canterbury Christ Church University
  • Konstantinos Kornetis, PhD 2006 - Professor in Modern History, Brown University
  • Cesare Cuttica, PhD 2007 - Maître de conférences en Civilization Britannique, Département d’études des pays anglophone, Université Paris 8
  • Serena Ferente, PhD 2007 - Lecturer in Medieval European History, King’s Kollege London
  • Gunvor Simonsen, PhD 2007 - Assistant Professor, The SAXO-Institute, Copenhagen University
  • Arnout Mertens, PhD 2007 - Director of SOFIA, Salvatorian Office for International Aid
  • Massimo Rospocher, PhD 2008 - Permanent Researcher, Istituto storico italo-germanico / Italienisch-Deutsches Historisches Institut (Trento), Research Fellow, University of Leeds
  • Henning Trüper, PhD 2008 - Post-doctoral researcher, University Research Priority Programme "Asia and Europe" University of Zürich
  • Jeanne Moisand, PhD 2008 - Maîtresse de conférence, Université de Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne
  • Gerben Zaagsma, PhD 2008 - Post-doc on Hebrew and Jewish Studies, University College London
  • Henrikus Looijesteijn, PhD 2009 - Researcher at the International Institute for Social History, Amsterdam
  • Eveline Bouwers, PhD 2009 - Postdoctoral research fellow at Bielefeld University, Germany. Visiting scholar at the Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies of Harvard University
  • Mathieu Nadir Grenet, PhD 2010 - Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Program “Modeling Interdisciplinary Inquiry”, Washington University in Saint Louis
  • Marta Anna Grzechnik, PhD 2010 - Assistant Professor, University of Gdansk, Department of Scandinavian Studies
  • Arthur Weststeijn, PhD 2010 - Director of historical studies, Royal Netherlands Institute Rome
  • Thomas Cauvin, PhD 2012 - Assistant Professor, University of Louisiana
  • Dónal Hassett, PhD 2016 - Lecturer, University of Bristol

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