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Faculty Areas of Supervision

The Department of History and Civilization specializes in these broadd areas of 15th- 21st century history: The Shaping of Modern Europe; Intellectual History and History of Science;  Power, Society, Ideology; and Imperial, Colonial and Global History.

Prospective applicants should look closely at the research interests specified by the professors in their personal web pages. These will provide the clearest idea of the kinds of research topics that are supervised at the EUI. It should not be assumed that the interests listed are the only topics those professors will supervise, but they should serve as a useful guide. Specific research interests of the professors who are available to supervise new researchers are set out below.

In the application form you are encouraged to list the names of potential supervisors for your research. Faculty members will then become aware that you consider them as potential supervisors. However, you should not contact them and ask them for advice, as this could undermine the competitiveness and fairness of our selection procedure.

Youssef Cassis, Professor of Economic History. Research themes: Economic History; business history; financial history; and European comparative history.

Laura L. Downs, Professor of Gender History (ca. 1789 to the present). Research themes: Modern European social and cultural history, with a focus on France and Britain; European gender history; comparative labour history; childhood and the family; history and social theory; comparative history of social protection.

Alexander Etkind, Mikhail M. Bakhtin Chair in Russia-Europe Relations. Research themes: European intellectual history since the Enlightenment; Russia and the world; European cultural history; memory studies; natural resources and the history of political economy; empires and colonies in Europe.

Jorge Flores, Professor of Early Modern Global History. Research themes: History of the Portuguese Empire during the early modern period, particularly the interaction between the Portuguese society and extra-European cultures, as well as the formation of cross-cultural images and representations. European expansion in Asia 1500-1800 (especially South Asia).

Regina Grafe, Professor of Early Modern History of Europe. Research themes: Early modern history of the Hispanic World, global economic and social history, the history of state and empire-building, colonial governance, comparative history of private and public commercial institutions and legal norms.

Pieter M. Judson, Professor of 19th and 20th Century History. Research themes: History of Central, Eastern, and South-eastern Europe in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; culture, society, and politics in the Habsburg Monarchy; nineteenth- and twentieth-century Germany; comparative empire; the First World War; European fascism; nationalism, ethnic cleansing, and European borderlands; histories of sexuality and gender.

Pavel  Kolář, Professor of Comparative and Transnational History of 19th-20th century Europe. Research themes: Germany, Central and Eastern Europe; social and cultural history of power and domination; everyday and social history of state socialism; physical violence; history of universities; historiography, remembrance, narration.


Luca Molà, Professor of History of Early Modern Europe. Research themes: History of the Renaissance and the Mediterranean in a World Perspective: History of the Italian Renaissance; Economic and social history of Europe in the early modern period – particularly trading communities and commerce, artisans and industrial production, and the culture of technological change – and in the first age of globalisation.

Lucy Riall, Professor of Comparative History of Europe (19th to 20th centuries). Research themes: The social, cultural and political history of modern Italy; the history of nationalism; the modern history of the Mediterranean and Mediterranean Empires; the study of memory; comparative history.

Federico Romero, Professor of History of Post-War European Cooperation and Integration. Research themes: 20th century international and transnational history, European integration, Cold War, Trans-Atlantic relations, US history, Migrations...

Ann Thomson, Professor of European Intellectual History. Research themes: Intellectual history, the circulation of ideas and information, book history, translation history, cultural transfers; religion and science; early anthropology and European representations of the other; Europe and the Islamic world; particular interest in the long 18th Century.


Corinna Unger, Professor of Global and Colonial History. Research themes: Global, International, and Colonial History; History of Development; History of Knowledge 

Cold War and Decolonization; Modern India; Modern Germany.

Stéphane Van Damme, Professor of History of Science. Research themes: Early modern history of European science with a special interest in “science and city”, and "Environmental history"; Urban history with a special interest in global cities; Cultural history, with a special interest in the history of the book, history of education and Enlightenment; historiography and the historiography of science. 

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