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Ph.D. Researchers and Visiting Students

Researchers Representatives (Reps) until November 2017

  • Thomas Ashby, 2016 cohort
  • Elias Buchetmann, 2016 cohort
  • Daniel Jansson, 2016 cohort
  • Andi Shehu, 2015 cohort

E-mail: HEC.RepMail@eui.eu
Website: EUI Reps


The EUI currently has one of the most important doctoral programmes for the social sciences in Europe, and welcomes researchers for four years to study for its Ph.D.

Successful candidates from all the EU Member States, Associate States and some non-EU countries come to the EUI to study for a Ph.D. in the Department of History and Civilization.

Given how competitive and internationally mobile the academic profession has become, the Department of History and Civilization at the EUI offers something truly unique, the ability to understand and be understood in a wider intellectual community.

Serena Ferente, HEC PhD 2007


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