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Research and Teaching


The Department of History and Civilization (HEC) pursues a variety of research projects and encourages fellows and researchers to actively interact with them, participate in workshops and conferences and therefore contextualize their own individual projects, including PhD theses, within broader intellectual and scholarly frameworks. 

Research at the Institute is supported by a first class library where a team of experienced librarians and IT specialists is in charge of a large collection of books, journals and digital resources. The Department provides training in research skills, IC&T and multimedia skills and encourages researchers to make use of the Language Centre.

The Department has several exchange programmes with top Universities in Europe, the United States and Russia. PhD Researchers are encouraged to take advantage of these exchanges, if necessary for their research project, in their second or third year. 



The Department offers a distinctive programme of transnational and comparative European history supported by a uniquely international and multicultural faculty. Study and research activities are structured in a four-year Ph.D. programme, which is one of the largest in Europe. Information on the programme of doctoral studies is found in the Researcher's Guide.

The HEC faculty provides guidance in research methods and advises researchers on the preparation of their dissertations. Teaching is in English but we encourage the maintenance and promotion of linguistic diversity in all our activities.

It is a structured four-year doctoral programme based on a combination of course-work and intense research activity. In the first year doctoral researchers study historiographical and methodological issues and focus on the in-depth exploration of selected central themes of European history. In the second, third and fourth years, researchers pursue their individual research, and are invited to present the results of their work in seminars and workshops.

Each researcher is followed by a supervisor who is responsible for advising on research, career development and other matters. Funding is provided for doctoral researchers to go on a research mission twice a year to work in archives and libraries. Researchers may also receive financial support to present their work-in-progress at international conferences.

The teaching programme includes Departmental Seminars, Research Seminars, Training Seminars and other academic activities of the Department (conferences, workshops, lectures, courses on digital tools for academic research). It also includes yearly Monitoring Sessions for the first three years. Interdisciplinary and training skills and academic writing courses are organized Institute-wide.


PhD Theses

More than 500 PhDs have been awarded by the Department of History and Civilization. Our graduates are internationally competitive and win post-doctoral fellowship and academic appointments. EUI organizes a variety of courses and activities to help doctoral and post-doctoral researcher in the transition to the labour market. The programme is designed for researchers pursuing an academic career but also offers activities for those who wish to be successful in non-academic professions.


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