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Thinking Science at Large - Towards a Connected History of Science

Lectures are convened by Prof. Stephane Van Damme in cooperation with the History of Science Working Group

Over the last decade, the grand narrative of the Scientific Revolution has been replaced with a grand narrative of the process of globalization, with the history of science at risk of falling into another teleological trap.This EUI Lecture series will explore other possibilities in terms of researching
 and writing the history of science. By looking at the multiple ways that European sciences were challenged by other non-European traditions (and were sometimes produced by these challenges and confrontations). This should lead us to more dense descriptions of these practices of encountering, translating and circulating; without the assumptions that these processes were obvious, peaceful and always successful. The study of asymmetries, failed translations and failed encounters are as important as the study of the trajectory of world science, which succeeded in dominating the globe (and even, some argue, produced the idea of globalization). Investigating these counter-narratives in the history of science or in science studies can provide particularly valuable methodological tools which allow us a greater insight into the history of science.

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'Collecting the World'. Forum on Hans Sloane

sir hans sloane

Speakers: James Delbourgo (Rutgers University), Simon Schaffer (University of Cambridge), Lissa Roberts (University of Twente), Silvia Sebastiani (EHESS, Paris)

26 June 2017




From Russia with Codes: Programming Migrations in Post-Soviet Times

Russia Codes

Speakers: Mario Biagioli (University of California, Davis), Vincent Lepinay (SciencesPo, Paris)

16 June 2017



The Thinking Person Disease: Rethinking the Subject in the Digital Age

Helene Mialet_000

Speaker: Hélène Mialet (York University, Canada)

30 May 2017


Masterclass with the Ecole Normale Superieure Lyon on 'Corpus'

daniel roche website

Speaker: Daniel Roche (College de France)

5 May 2017


The Rhinoceros and the Megatherium: an essay in historical morphology

 juan-pimentel 100x120

Speaker: Juan Pimentel (Spanish National Research Council, Madrid)

2 May 2017



Useful knowledge and the urban imaginary: a contested history


Speaker: Bert de Munck (University of Antwerp)

13 March 2017


Digital Humanities for the history of science and technology and the promotion of scientific heritage


Speaker: Paolo Galluzzi (Museo Galileo, Firenze)

23 February 2017


How to Represent Conflicts on the Politics of Nature?

latour 2

Speaker: Bruno Latour (EHESS, Paris)

14 February 2017




Ming China disintegrated. The chances and pitfalls of the global view


Speaker: Dagmar Schäfer (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin)

06 February 2017




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