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Loïc Azoulai

Former Professor of European Union Law

Loïc Azoulai


European University Institute
Law Department
Villa Schifanoia, Office CA 19
Via Boccaccio 121
50133 Firenze - Italy

Tel. [+39] 055 4685 728 / 275
Fax [+39] 055 4685 200
Email  Loic.Azoulai@eui.eu

Administrative Assistant Annick Bulckaen

Working Languages: French, English, Italian

Biographical Profile

Detailed CV and Bibliography

Loïc Azoulai holds the chair of European Law at the European University Institute. He is codirector of the Academy of European Law and of the Centre for Judicial Cooperation both hosted at the European University Institute.

He is on leave from University of Panthéon-Assas Paris II where he is a Professor of Public Law. From 2003 to 2006, he was legal secretary at the European Court of Justice working with Advocate General Poiares Maduro. 

He is a member of the Boards of different law journals among which Common Market Law Review, Revue trimestrielle de droit européen, European Journal of Legal studies (EJLS).


Fields of Research

  • European Union Law: substantive and institutional law, European policies, techniques of interpretation and argumentation
  • The Europeanisation of Law: coordination between legal systems, transformation of legal sources
  • EU law and legal theory: legal concepts and fundamental legal conceptions as applied to EU law

Current Research Projects

  • The European Union as a Federal order of competences
  • “Euro-bonds” – Special ties and the European Union
  • Euro-Crisis Law. Constitutional Implications for EU Member States” (project of the Law department)

Research and Supervision

Supervision in European Union Law: EU constitutional law, EU internal market law, EU citizenship law, immigration law, EU fundamental rights, EU policies law, EU law and legal theory.

List of supervisees:

  1. Camille Aynès (PhD, admitted in 2009)
  2. Lena Boucon (PhD, admitted in 2009)
  3. Stephen Coutts (PhD, admitted in 2010)
  4. Spyridon Drosos (PhD, admitted in 2009)
  5. Anton Ricardo Garcia (PhD, admitted in 2010)
  6. Emily Hancox (LLM awarded in 2011/2012)
  7. Edwina Jaeger (PhD, admitted in 2012)
  8. Malte Kroeger (LLM, admitted in 2012)
  9. Maria Luisa Lourenço (Phd, admitted in 2011)
  10. Frank McNamara (PhD, admitted in 2011)
  11. Teodora Petrova (LLM, admitted in 2012)
  12. Benedita Queiroz (PhD, admitted in 2011)
  13. Vincent Reveillère (PhD, admitted in 2011)

Selected Publications


  • The Past and Future of EU Law. The Classics of EU Law Revisited on the 50th Anniversary of the Rome Treaty, M. Poiares Maduro & L. Azoulai (eds.), Hart Publishing: Oxford, 2010
  • L’entrave dans le droit du Marché intérieur, Bruylant, Bruxelles, 2011


  • “The European Court of Justice and the duty to respect sensitive national interests”, in M. Dawson, B. De Witte, E. Muir (eds.), Judicial Activism at the Court of Justice. Causes, Responses and Solutions, forthcoming 2012
  • “The Europeanisation of Legal Concepts”, in U. Neergaard & R. Nielsen (eds.), European Legal Method in a Multi-Layered Legal Order, DJØF Publishing, Copenhagen, 2012
  • “The ‘Retained Powers’ Formula in the Case Law of the European Court of Justice: EU Law as Total Law?”, European Journal of Legal Studies, 2011/4
  • « Sur un sens de la distinction public/privé dans le droit de l’Union européenne », Revue trimestrielle de droit européen, octobre-décembre 2010
  • « La citoyenneté européenne, un statut d’intégration sociale », Mélanges Jean Paul Jacqué. Chemins d’Europe, Dalloz, 2010
  • « La fabrication de la jurisprudence communautaire » in La fabrique du droit européen, P. Mbongo & A. Vauchez (dir.), Bruylant, Bruxelles, 2009


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