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Core-periphery relations in the European Union : power and conflict in a dualist political economy

Core-periphery relations in the European Union : power and conflict in a dualist political economy
Authors: MAGONE, José M.; LAFFAN, Brigid; SCHWEIGER, Christian
Citation: Abingdon, Oxon ; London ; New York : Routledge, 2016, Routledge/UACES contemporary European studies ; 32
Year: 2016
Abstract: Successive enlargements to the European Union membership have transformed it into an economically, politically and culturally heterogeneous body with…

Imperial Germany revisited : continuing debates and new perspectives

Authors: MÜLLER, Sven Oliver; TORP, Cornelius
Citation: New York : Berghahn Books, 2011
Year: 2011
Abstract: The German Empire, its structure, its dynamic development between 1871 and 1918, and its legacy, have been the focus of lively international debate…

The politics of imagination

Authors: BOTTICI, Chiara; CHALLAND, Benoît
Citation: London : Birkbeck Law Press, 2011
Year: 2011
Abstract: The Politics of Imagination offers a multidisciplinary perspective on the contemporary relationship between politics and the imagination. What role…

Les droits de l'homme ont-ils constitutionnalisé le monde?

Authors: HENNETTE-VAUCHEZ, Stéphanie; SOREL, Jean-Marc
Citation: Brussels : Emile Bruylant, 2011
Year: 2011
Abstract: La Convention européenne des droits de l?homme fait incontestablement partie des grandes réussites juridiques européennes. En 60 ans, elle aura…

La politica cambia, i valori restano? : una ricerca sulla cultura politica dei cittadini toscani

Author: DE SIO, Lorenzo
Citation: Firenze : Firenze University Press, 2011, Strumenti per la didattica e la ricerca ; 113
Year: 2011
Abstract: Come vedono i toscani la politica? Che rapporto hanno con essa? C'è qualcosa di diverso rispetto alla «subcultura rossa» della Prima Repubblica? Da…

Developing European internal security policy :  after the Stockholm summit and the Lisbon treaty

Authors: KAUNERT, Christian; LEONARD, Sarah
Citation: London : Routledge, 2011, European security
Year: 2011
Abstract: The European Union (EU) is making strong inroads into areas of security traditionally reserved to states, especially into internal security, or…

Le choix de la CEE par la France : les débats économiques de Pierre Mendès-France à Charles de Gaulle (1955-1969)

Author: WARLOUZET, Laurent
Citation: Paris : CHEFF, 2011
Year: 2011
Abstract: From the start of negotiations in 1955 through to de Gaulle’s resignation as French President in 1969, the EEC’s economic and institutional model was…

Explaining the EU's common security and defence policy : theory in action

Authors: KUROWSKA, Xymena; BREUER, Fabian
Citation: Basingstoke ; New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2011, Palgrave studies in European Union politics
Year: 2011
Abstract: An engaging assessment of the theoretical debates on the EU's Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP). The contributions to this volume bring…
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