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Research Themes and Projects

The Department’s research is in three principal fields: European law, international law, and private law.  Each member of faculty brings their own specialism and focus to these research strands, and these are detailed further below and on each Professor’s web page.

Collectively, the Department’s approach to research and supervision is based on applying a diverse set of approaches and disciplines. Thus, doctrinal analysis, legal theory, economic analysis of law, gender studies, comparative institutional analysis, political theory, political science, international relations, legal sociology and normative analysis of law all occupy important positions in the research of staff and in the courses offered to researchers.

The research at the institute addresses the principal challenges facing us today. For example, there is a major research project on the Euro-crisis, and several related projects on the impact of the economic crisis on social rights and its impact on the nature of EU law-making. There are several projects exploring the legal issues surrounding terrorism and surveillance, as well as the laws of war. The impact of globalisation and the nature of global governance, and themese related to state-building and constitution-making occupy a major place in the research of many Professors and researchers. The emergence and challenge of European Private Law is a theme of research funded by a major ERC grant. The faculty normally involve research students in their projects, whether as research assistants or to participate in workshops and conferences, or to contribute to disseminating the research findings.




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