The research interests of the members of the Department of Political and Social Sciences (SPS)
span across comparative politics, international relations, sociology, and social and political theory.
We focus on contemporary phenomena, at the national, sub-national and transnational level, mainly
but not exclusively in Europe.

We support an eclectic approach to research projects and doctoral theses, often cutting across traditional academic boundaries. A variety of method courses and workshops on data gathering and analysis
are available in the first two years—survey, experimental and ethnographic; quantitative and
qualitative—while field-work and data collection normally take place in the second and third year





Page last updated on 22 July 2014

Latest News

Chinese edition of Donatella della Porta's book

Chinese edition of Donatella della Porta's book

A new translation for della Porta's "Social Movements, Political Violence and the State"

L'Italia e l'Europa al bivio delle riforme. Le elezioni europee e amministrative del 25 maggio 2014

Marco Valbruzzi, together with Rinaldo Vignati are the editors of the first e-book of the Istituto Cattaneo on the recent European elections (May 2014)