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Researchers Admitted in September 2011


ALONSO Francesco (MX)

Francisco Alonso

The Electoral and Contentious Effects of the Religious Competition for the Immigrant Constituency: A Transnational Comparative Perspective

Supervisor: Rainer Bauböck

Co-Supervisor: Hanspeter Kriesi


Anna Beylunioglu Atli

State-Religion Relationship Towards a 'Cooperative Model'? The Case of Religious Minorities in Turkey

Supervisor: Olivier Roy 

CINI Lorenzo (IT)

Lorenzo Cini

Deliberative Democracy in Theory and Practice. Making Participation and Deliberation Real

Supervisor: Donatella della Porta

COMOLLI Chiara Ludovica (IT)

Chiara Comolli

First, Second and Reversal Demographic Transition: an Analysis of the Future of Lowest Low Fertility Countries.  The Case of the Recent Economic & Financial Crisis

Supervisor: Fabrizio Bernardi

Co-Supervisor: Martin Kohli

CUPAC Jelena (HR/RS)

Jelena Cupac

Ontological Security of International Organizations: Why Did Post-Cold War NATO Decided to Intervene “Out-of Area”?

Supervisor: Chris Reus-Smit

DAHL Justiina Miina Ilona (FI)

Justiina Dahl

The New Politicization of the Arctic in the Beginning of the 21st Century as a Reflecting Microcosmos of the Emerging International Order

Supervisor: Chris Reus-Smit


Eliska Drapalova

Improving Quality of Local Government

Supervisor: Pepper Culpepper

GAROUFAS Christos (GR)

Christos Garoufas

Why not to Flirt with Your Own Reflection? A Mirror Effect Between the Others’ Perceptions & the EU’s Quest for Global Actorness – The Case of the IBSA Countries

Supervisor: Olivier Roy

GJOKSI Nisida (AT)

Nisida Gjoksi

Re-building the State in the Western Balkans on the Road to European Integration: The Case of Administrative Reforms in Albania, Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia

Supervisor: László Bruszt

GRÄTZ Michael (DE)

Michael Grätz

Explaining Class Inequalities in Educational Outcomes

Supervisor: Fabrizio Bernardi

HABERSTROH Charlotte Marie (FR/DE)

Charlotte Haberstroh

School Reforms and Skill Formation Regimes – How Economic Interests of Innovation and Training Shape Education Systems in Established European Market Economies

Supervisor: Pepper Culpepper

Co-Supervisor: Sven Steinmo

HOLTMANN Anne Christine (DE)

Anne Holtmann

Equity and Performance in Different School Systems

Supervisor: Fabrizio Bernardi

JENNE Nicole (DE)

Nicole Jenne May 2012

Exceptionalism revisited: Territorial Disputes and the Management of Regional Order in South America and Southeast Asia

Supervisor: Chris Reus-Smit

KUEBLER Johanne  (DE)

The Co-Evolution of Internet Activism and Governmental Response in Authoritarian Regimes

Supervisor: Hanspeter Kriesi


Joldon Kutmanaliev

Ethnic Violence and Peace in Southern Kyrgyzstan

Supervisor: Donatella della Porta

LACEY Joseph (IE)

Joseph Lacey

Constructing Transnational Federalism: An Investigation into the Possibility of Legitimate Transnational Democratic Representation

Supervisor: Rainer Bauböck

LEAL Hugo Joel (PT)

Hugo Leal

A Complexity Approach to the Emergence of Social Movements in the Middle East and North Africa Region: The Case of Egypt

Supervisor: Donatella della Porta

MELLOR Ewan Edward (UK)

Ewan Mellor

How Does the Norm of Duty Constitute the Practice of War? World War I, Just War Theory, and the Moral Equality of Soldiers

Supervisor: Chris Reus-Smit

MILAN Chiara (IT)

Chiara Milan

Rural Development Cooperation as a Tool for European Integration.  A Comparative Analysis of Civil Society Projects in Romania, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Supervisor: László Bruszt


Secularism in the Middle East

Supervisor: Olivier Roy


Milan Obaidi

The Social Psychological Investigation of Intergroup Relations and Intergroup Violence

Supervisor: Olivier Roy
Co-Supervisor: James Sidanius (Harvard University)

Milan works on a project that explores social and psychological factors that contribute to the motivations behind the radicalization of some first, second and third generations of Muslim Europeans with migrant background. In particular, he investigates the extent to which individual psychological needs, feelings and motives pertaining to the management of deprivation, victimization, uncertainty, group treat, and injustice are related to Muslim Europeans’ attitudes towards committing and supporting terrorism in the West.  In addition to theoretical work, he currently addresses his topic using a combination of methods, including questionnaires, large-scale random-sample surveys, vignette and priming experiments, and qualitative interviews


Leonidas Oikonomakis

Social Movements and the State: Participating, Staying Aside, or Opposing? A Comparative Case-Study of the Bolivian Cocaleros, the Mexican Zapatistas, and the Nicaraguan Sandinistas

Supervisor: Donatella della Porta

ORAL Didem (TR)

Didem ORAL

From Contentious Politics in to Social Movements: Conscientious Objection in Turkey and Israel

Supervisor: Donatella della Porta

RONSIN Caroline (FR)

The Political Role of Tribes in Jordan and Iraq: Evolutions of Tribal Leadership and Electoral Procedures

Supervisor: Olivier Roy

ROOS Jerome Emanuel (NL)

Jerome Roos

The Greek Debt Crisis in Comparative-Historical Perspective

Supervisor: Pepper Culpepper


Augustín Rossi Silvano

Beyond Wikileaks: Redefining Internet Governance. Private Actors and the Role of Governments

Supervisor: Sven Steinmo

SALO Sanna Liisa Kaarina (FI)

Sanna Salo

Public Debate on Financial Crisis in the EU: Justification of Responsibility

Supervisor: Hanspeter Kriesi


Marco Valbruzzi

Political Competition and Government Alternation: the Quality of Democracy

Supervisor: Stefano Bartolini

VAMPA Davide (IT)

Davide Vampa

The Regional Politics of Welfare in Italy, Spain and Great Britain: Assessing the Impact of Territorial and Left-wing Mobilizations on the Development of ‘Sub-state’ Social Systems

Supervisor: Stefano Bartolini


Andrea Warnecke

Rationalizations of the Origins of Genocide and Their Implications for Framing Peace-building Interventions. A Critical Assessment of the Discourses and Strategies Employed by External Actors

Supervisor: Chris Reus-Smit


Simon Watmough

 In the Shadow of the Deep State: The Rise and Fall of Guardian Political Orders in Turkey and Thailand

Supervisor: Chris Reus-Smit


Rebecca Wolffberg

Bridge Over Troubled Voters? Member State Governments' Coordination ith Members of the European Parliament - An Analysis

Supervisor: Adrienne Héritier


Margarita Zavadskaya

When Do Elections Support Autocracy? The Incumbent Strategies, Political Competition and Authoritarian Regime Survival

Supervisor: Alexander Trechsel


Researchers directly admitted to the second year of studies

DÄMMRICH Johanna (DE) 


How do country-specific institutions shape educational careers over the life course? A cross-national study of inequality in educational opportunities

Supervisor: Hans-Peter Blossfeld




Learning Processes over the Life Course in Russia: Educational Careers, Labor Market Outcomes and Social Inequalities

Supervisor: Hans-Peter Blossfeld

MCMULLIN Patricia (IE)


Examining cumulative (dis)advantage in the determinants and outcomes of education in the UK from a life course perspective

Supervisor: Hans-Peter Blossfeld




Non- cognitive Skills and stratification outcomes in the life course

Supervisor: Hans-Peter Blossfeld

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