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Researchers Admitted in September 2011


ALONSO Francisco (MX)

Francisco Alonso

U.S. Border Control, Migratory Policies, and Criminal Violence in Mexico

Supervisor: Rainer Bauböck

Co-Supervisor: Hanspeter Kriesi


Abstract: My dissertation is about the unintended consequences of U.S. migratory policies in the ongoing wave of violence in Mexico. I am trying to provide an alternative narrative about the “Mexican criminal civil war” based on the U.S. punitive migratory shift. I argue that, for decades, Mexican irregular migration to the U.S. “turned a problem into an opportunity” since remittances promoted peace and development in Mexico, and the departure of unsatisfied people stimulated social and political stability, particularly in the Mexican countryside. But during the 2000s, post 9/11 migration policies closed this “escape valve”. Hence, by removing one of the main strategies for capital and status acquisition, migrant regions in Mexico became disproportionately more violent than the rest of the country. Negative Binomial regressions of aggregate data combined with semi-structured interviews and participant observation in regions of migration origin suggest that the deterrence of irregular migration corresponded to unintended negative consequences: increased competition for local scarce resources, reoriented prospective migrants into dangerous occupations like growing illegal crops, and reactivated blood feuds because paying back debts became more difficult.

GJOKSI Nisida (AT)

Nisida Gjoksi

Re-building the State in the Western Balkans on the Road to European Integration: The Case of Administrative Reforms in Albania, Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia

Supervisor: László Bruszt

Liaison professor: Klarita Gërxhani

HOLTMANN Anne Christine (DE)

Anne Holtmann

Equity and Performance in Different School Systems

Supervisor: Fabrizio Bernardi


Joldon Kutmanaliev

Ethnic Violence and Peace in Southern Kyrgyzstan

Supervisor: Donatella della Porta

Liaison professor: Olivier Roy

LEAL Hugo Joel (PT)

Hugo Leal

A Complexity Approach to the Emergence of Social Movements in the Middle East and North Africa Region: The Case of Egypt

Supervisor: Donatella della Porta

Liaison professor: Hanspeter Kriesi

ORAL Didem (TR)

Didem ORAL

From Contentious Politics in to Social Movements: Conscientious Objection in Turkey and Israel

Supervisor: Donatella della Porta

Liaison professor: Olivier Roy

RONSIN Caroline (FR)

The Political Role of Tribes in Jordan and Iraq: Evolutions of Tribal Leadership and Electoral Procedures

Supervisor: Olivier Roy


Margarita Zavadskaya

When Do Elections Support Autocracy? The Incumbent Strategies, Political Competition and Authoritarian Regime Survival

Supervisor: Alexander Trechsel

Liaison professor: Rainer Bauböck


Researcher directly admitted to the second year of studies



Non- cognitive Skills and stratification outcomes in the life course

Supervisor: Hans-Peter Blossfeld

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