Seminars Academic Year 2014-2015

To register for a seminar listed below send an email to the organising administrative assistant, indicating: Seminar Title, Prof., Researcher Status (e.g. 1st Year SPS, Visiting Student, etc.), and Department

Alternatively, fill in the Seminar Registration Form   and send it to the administrative assistant, as indicated above or in the outline/syllabus. 

Credits: Full attendance in the Seminars listed below, together with any other requirements specified by the professor teaching the seminar, is necessary in order to be awarded credits.

If you wish to write a term paper in relation to a seminar/workshop, it should be sent to the seminar's professor and the organising administrative assistant by the deadline for first/second term papers (see SPS calendar).


First Term Seminars

First Term: 1 September - 19 December 2014

Second Term Seminars

Second Term: 7 January - 31 March 2015 

Third Term Workshops & Masterclasses

Third Term: 20 April - 26 June 2015 



Special Intensive Courses 

Introduction to Data Analysis and STATA for Beginners

Researchers with no prior knowledge of quantitative analysis and STATA are strongly advised to follow this catch-up preparatory course for the Seminar "Introduction to Quantitative Methods", although no extra credits will be awarded.  

Organiser: tbc

Dates: 30 September - 1 October 2014

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