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Seminars Academic Year 2016-2017

To register for a seminar or a workshop fill-in the Online Registration Form or alternatively, send an email to the administrative assistant, indicating: Seminar/Workshop Title, Prof., Researcher Status (e.g. 1st-year SPS, Visiting Student, etc.) and Department

Credits: Full attendance in the Seminars/Workshops listed below, together with any other requirements specified by the professor teaching the seminar, is necessary in order to be awarded credits.

If you wish to write a term paper in relation to a seminar/workshop, it should be sent to the seminar's professor and the organising administrative assistant by the deadline for first/second term papers (see SPS calendar).

First Term Seminars / Workshops

First Term: October - December 2016

Second Term Seminars / Workshops

Second Term: January - March 2017

Third Term Seminars / Workshops

Third Term: April - June 2017

Special Intensive Courses 

Introduction to Data Analysis for Beginners

Researchers with no prior knowledge of quantitative analysis and STATA are strongly advised to follow this catch-up preparatory course for the Seminar "Introduction to Quantitative Methods", although no extra credits will be awarded.  

Organiser: Moris Triventi Lecturers: Gordey Yastrebov, Giorgio Malet 

Dates: 26-27 September 2016

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