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Conferences 2014-2015

The Future of the EU

SPS-EUDO Dissemination Joint Conference in honor of Adrienne Héritier

The Future of the EU PosterAbstract: The Conference will take place in Florence at the European University Institute and will be in honor of Professor Adrienne Héritier, who has just retired. There will be three panels: ‘ ‘Politics and Policies’, Institutions’, ‘Economic Integration’, and a Roundtable on ‘Beyond Europe’. The Conference will bring together high-level academics in order to: stimulate interdisciplinary dialogue; foster the exchange of ideas and good practices; translate scientific results into policy deliverables; and develop practical suggestions on the future of the EU.



Date/Location: 20-21 November 2014, Theatre Room, Badia Fiesolana

If you are interested in attending the event, please fill in the online registration form by 17 November.

For inquiries  concerning the Conference ( programme, registration, submission of papers  etc) please contact Valentina Bettin and Maureen Lechleitner.   

For inquiries concerning the logistics of the event (Conference venue, hotel, reimbursement of travel tickets etc) please contact Monique Cavallari


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