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MRM 2013


MRM 2013   


European University Institute - Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies

in collaboration with

Mersin University (Turkey)  

The Fourteenth Mediterranean Research Meeting, Mersin University, Turkey on 20 – 23 March 2013.

 The MRM 2013 is co-organised and co-financed by Mersin University.


Goals of the MRM


Reaching its fourteenth session, the Mediterranean Research Meeting:


  • is committed to fostering theoretical and empirical research and dialogue among scholars from countries across the Mediterranean, whose research focuses on the Mediterranean
  • covers all Mediterranean areas as widely as possible, with topics relating to the Middle East, North Africa, Southern and South-Eastern Europe, including their mutual relationships and relations with Europe
  • focuses on legal, historical, economic and socio-political issues
  • enables junior scholars to meet more senior scholars in an interactive environment, promoting further research collaboration
  • encourages the publication and dissemination of this research in edited volumes, thematic issues of learned journals, and in the Mediterranean Programme Working Papers series




1- Politics of Population Growth and Gender Rights in Middle East and South East Europe States
directed by:
Umut Korkut, Glasgow Caledonian University, UK
Emel Akçali, Central European University, Hungary

2 - Military Engagement in Mobilizing Societies in the Middle East 
directed by:
Holger Albrecht, American University in Cairo, Egypt
Dina Bishara, George Washington University, USA

3- Guardians or oppressors: the military-civil relations and democratization in the Mediterranean littoral
directed by:
GülçinBalamirCoskun, Istanbul Kemerburgaz University, Turkey
AmanySoliman, Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Egypt

4- Law and Corruption in Turbulent Times: Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives from the Mediterranean and South-Eastern Europe
directed by:
Jessica Carlisle, Van Vollenhoven Institute, the Netherlands
Maaike Voorhoeve, Institut de recherche sur le Maghreb contemporain, Tunis - Harvard University, USA


5- The Arab Spring and the EU Democracy Promotion Efforts: Between Intentions and Perceptions
directed by:
Nesreen K. El Molla, Cairo University, Egypt
Dario Cristiani, King's College, United Kingdom – Global Governance Institute , Belgium


6- The Informational Fabric of the Premodern Mediterranean, 1400-1800
directed by:
Wolfgang Kaiser, Université de Paris I (Panthéon-Sorbonne), France
Daniel Hershenzon, University of Connecticut, USA


7- Truth Recovery for Missing Persons in Times of Transition
directed by:
Iosif Kovras, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece
Nikolas Kyriakou, European University Institute, Italy


8- Sport, cultures and societies in Mediterranean
directed by:
Monia Lachheb, Université La Manouba, Tunis - Institut de Recherche sur le Maghreb Contemporain – Tunis
Michel Raspaud, Université Joseph Fourier, France - Laboratoire Sport et environnement social (SENS)


9- Social Media, Urban Movements and Grass-Roots Creativity in the Mediterranean during the Crisis
directed by:
Lila (Triantafyllia) Leontidou, Hellenic Open University , Greece - London School of Economics and Political Science, UK
Antònia Casellas Puigdemasa, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain


10- Women, Social Change and Development in the New Middle East
directed by:
Beverly Dawn Metcalfe, University of Manchester, UK
Anja Zorob, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany

11- The Violence of Pluralism: Urban Transformations and New Political Subjectivities in the Rebellious Mediterranean
directed by:
Daniel Monterescu, Central European University, Hungary
Benoit Challand, New York University, USA

12- Secularism and the Minority Question across the Mediterranean 
directed by:
Alexandre Caeiro, Qatar Foundation, Qatar
Frank Peter, University of Bern, Switzerland

13- Arab ‘Revolutions’ in Comparative Perspective, Contestation, Transformation and the Nature of the State
directed by:
Nadine Sika, American University in Cairo, Egypt
Eberhard Kienle, CNRS (PACTE), Grenoble

14- Regulatory Implants and Local Legal Regimes in the Mediterranean Region 
directed by:
Yane Svetiev,European University Institute, Italy
Hans-Wolfgang Micklitz, European University Institute, Italy

15- Spontaneity and design in the making of Mediterranean port cities 
directed by:
Tolga Ünlü, Mersin University, Turkey
Jean François Perouse, Galatasaray University, Turkey

16- Neoliberalism and Crises in the Mediterranean: Causes, Policy Responses, Forms of Resistance 
directed by:
Galip Yalman, Middle East Technical University, Turkey.
Alfredo Saad-Filho, University of London, UK

17- De la compétitivité régionale à la compétitivité internationale: Quels défis pour les économies en transition?
directed by:
Youcefi Rachid, Université de Mostaganem Algérie - POIDEX
Lucretia Mariana Constantinescu, Université VALAHIA, Roumanie



Scientific coordination

Claudia Fanti - E-mail: academic.medmeet@eui.eu



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