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European Union Democracy Observatory

eudo200x236The European Union Democracy Observatory (EUDO) was created to better our understanding of the problems and perceptions that lie behind the current crisis in European democracy. As EU institutions have neither a clear strategy for information gathering and knowledge accumulation, nor, indeed, an adequate infrastructure for this task, EUDO:

  • produces a periodic evaluation of democratic practices within the EU
  • translates scientific and academic research on key European democracy issues into policy-relevant and publicly-understandable outputs for EU policymakers
  • serves as a forum for scholars and policymakers to exchange research results, experiences, ideas and good practices

EUDO has four observatories, which generate research and organise activities:

Each year, one of the Observatories takes the thematic lead and organises the EUDO Dissemination Conference where experts, politicians and representatives of civil society come together to talk and debate key topics.

EUDO runs a Data Centre and makes available in digital form datasets and studies. The EUDO Data Centre includes data from EU Profiler, which is the award-winning voting advice application (VAA) for the European Parliament elections of June 2009. EU Profiler was the first Europe-wide tool of its kind, attracting more than 2.5 million users in 8 weeks. For the 2014 European elections, EUDO has built on EU Profiler to launch, euandi, which is the first social VAA and the first Voting App in history to connect people based on their political views.

Through the EUDO Café, where experts are able to post commentaries open for discussion to scholars, politicians, journalists and citizens, EUDO promotes dialogue at the academic and policy level on the challenges facing democracy in today’s Europe.

Finally, EUDO puts together a training platform with workshops, seminars and lectures by experts from both academia and the policy-making community.



EUDO has become an invaluable hub for people interested in democracy in Europe. It disseminates cutting-edge research and constitutes a unique incubator for ideas and action in the field of European democracy

  Alexander H. Trechsel,
Director, European Union Democracy Observatory



“The EUDO CITIZENSHIP website is unique in combining extremely extensive and up to date data on citizenship in the EU, intelligent and clear-eyed analysis of all legal and political aspects of citizenship and breaking news on the subject”.

Kalypso Nicolaïdis, University of Oxford

Page last updated on 17 June 2016