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Migration Working Group

Migration is a multidisciplinary research field that has been strongly represented in the academic research of all departments of the EUI and has formed a specific focus at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies. For several years, EUI faculty, fellows and researchers working on projects related to migration and the integration of immigrants have met in the Migration Working Group (MWG) to discuss their research.

The MWG provides an informal and congenial atmosphere for interdisciplinary debate. Sociology, political science, social geography, anthropology, history, economics, law, and demography are among the key disciplines represented in the MWG. 



Practices and Discourses of ‘Welcome’ of Undocumented Migrants/Refugees

31 January 2017




Chair:  Danielle Borges | EUI


Exceptionalism and the Norm: Networks of Care and Their Fragmentation in EUBorderlands.
Unsafe Mobility: Gender and Reproductive Rights on the Migrant Trail to Europe.
Vanessa Grotti | EUI, Cynthia Malakasis | EUI, Chiara Quagliariello | EUI and Nina Sahraoui | EUI


The Art of Reluctant Compromise(s): Hospitality Pact Narratives by People Working in the Field of First Reception in Italy and Malta
Daniela De Bono | EUI and Malmö University


Humanitarian Discourse(s): Transnational NGOs’ Representation of the Refugee Crisis
Alice Massari | Sant’Anna School for Advanced Studies


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Anna Triandafyllidou


Villa Schifanoia


Last Tuesday of each month, from 14:00 till 17:30 hours. Coffee/tea break offered at 15:30


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Migration Working Group 2016-2017


Valentina Bettin
Email valentina.bettin@eui.eu
Tel. [+39] 055 4685 807 


Former directors:

Rainer Bauböck (2008-2012)
Jean-Pierre Cassarino (2006-2008) 
Virginie Guiraudon (2005-2006)
Philippe Fargues (2004-2005)
Franck Düvell (2002-2004) 

Past Meetings 

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