EUI Times profiles PhD candidates in Law

The EUI Law Department's comparative and contextual approach to studying issues in European and international law is evident in the work produced by its faculty and researchers.  EUI Times has interviewed two doctoral candidates in the department: Marijn van der Sluis and Emma Nyhan. While van der Sluis' thesis deals with European monetary integration, Nyhan instead examines the  international legal concept of 'indigenous' as applied to the Bedouin. Read more about their research in EUI Times.

EJLS to celebrate 10th year in 2017

2017 will mark the 10th year of existence for the European Journal of Legal Studies. Founded at the EUI in 2007 by researchers in the Law Department, the journal is published twice a year and is available in open access. Read more about the Journal in EUI Life, and browse its spring 2017 issue, which has just been published.

EUI expresses support for Central European University

In a 3 April press release issued by the EUI,  the Institute's President Renaud Dehousse expressed concern about the possible closure of Central European University as a result of the legislation to be put before the Hungarian Parliament this week. In the release, he noted the academic excellence of the CEU, and his firm hopes that the 'CEU’s ability to carry on high-level research and independent teaching will be fully preserved.’

Outing to Vallombrosa

Around 50 researchers, fellows, faculty and staff people took part in a day trip to Vallombrosa, organized by the EUI Secretary General's Office, last Saturday.  The group had a guided tour of the historic monastery located there, followed by a nature walk through the surrounding forest and Arboretum.  Read the article in EUI Life.



Models of secondary education and social inequality: An international comparison

edited by Hans Peter Blossfeld, Sandra Buchholz, Jan Skopek and Moris Triventi

This volume, the third from the eduLIFE Lifelong Learning series, investigates how differentiation in secondary education might produce and reproduce social inequalities in educational opportunities and educational attainment. The editors bring together cross-national and country studies conducted by well-known experts in the field, and offer a novel approach to reconstructing educational careers so as to have a longitudinal perspective on the dynamics of inequality in secondary education. 

Trade in services and economic transformation

edited by Bernard Hoekman and Dirk Willem te Velde

What should be the priorities for promoting services trade and providing services preferences for developing countries? This set of essays analyses the role of services, and especially trade in services, in economic transformation. Divided into three sections, the publication examines the role of services in economic transformation and on how the donor community could support productivity and employment through services policies; it looks at the need to improve data on trade in services; and it examines ways to support developing countries through trade agreements and preferential access to markets. This report is available in open access.


The integration of migrants and refugees: an EUI forum on migration, citizenship and demography

by Rainer Bauböck and Milena Tripkovic

What challenges does the current migration and refugee crisis pose to the traditional integration strategies employed by European countries? This volume, available in open-access, examines the medium and long-term impact of the unprecedented migrant flows coming into Europe. It focuses on four aspects of integration: citizenship and legal statuses; education; labor market integration; and cultural integration. This volume is available in open access.