The Author's Hand and the Printer's Mind. Towards a connected history of textual practices


Departing from French cultural historian Roger Chartier’s latest volume "The Author’s Hand and the Printer’s Mind", scholars in the fields of book history, literary history, art history and the history of science and knowledge, among others, will discuss and explore the question of the materiality of text with respect to their varied methodological techniques and practices. 17-18 September 2015

Florence School of Regulation is signing call on Climate change agreement


Tolouse School of Economics, together with Climate Economics Chair has launched a call for an amibitious and credible climate agreement in Paris. The call has already been signed by top economists and academics; The list of signatories includes the Nobel Laureate Jean Tirole and the Harvard Economist ‎Aghion Weitzman. The FSR Energy and Climate Directors are also signing this initiative.

Laffan laments "the worst of all possible worlds"


In this interview with Brigid Laffan on the future of the European Monetary Union, the Director of the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies predicts that the latest Greek bailout will be the final one of its kind. She describes it as the country’s “last opportunity to stay in Europe” and argues that the referendum had led to “the worst of all possible worlds”. Watch the full interview here.

Trade Policy Research Network Conference and East Asia-EU Trade Roundtable


This conference on EU-Asia trade and investment policy research, brings together scholars from China, Japan, Korea and the EU, who will be discussing trade agreements and related issues associated with international cooperation. The second day of the conference centres on a roundtable discussion of representatives of research institutes and think tanks that are members of the Asia-EU Trade Policy Network. 30-31 July 2015



Populists in power

By Daniele Albertazzi and Duncan McDonnell

The main area of sustained populist growth in recent decades has been Western Europe, where populist parties have not only endured longer than expected, but have increasingly begun to enter government. Focusing on three high-profile cases in Italy and Switzerland – the Popolo della Libertà (PDL), Lega Nord (LN) and Schweizerische Volkspartei (SVP) – this book is the first in-depth comparative study to examine whether these parties are indeed doomed to failure in office as many commentators have claimed.

Diasporas and homeland conflicts : a comparative perspective diasporas and homeland conflicts

By Bahar Baser

As violent conflicts become increasingly intra-state rather than inter-state, international migration has rendered them increasingly transnational, as protagonists from each side find themselves in new countries of residence. This book explores the extension of homeland conflicts into transnational space amongst diaspora groups, with particular attention to the interactions between second-generation migrants.

Social movements in times of austerity : bringing capitalism back into protest analysis

By Donatella della Porta

Recent years have seen an enormous increase in protests across the world in which citizens have challenged what they see as a deterioration of democratic institutions and the very civil, political and social rights that form the basis of democratic life. This  new book addresses the anti-austerity social movements of which these protests form part, mobilizing in the context of a crisis of neoliberalism.