Transnationally mobile migrants: Between two 'homes'

Who are today’s transnationally mobile migrants? What forms does migrants’ transnational mobility take? In what ways are they integrated in their countries of origin? And in their countries of residence? What kinds of capital do they transfer between their two ‘homes’? Watch the Ithaca documentary “Ten Hours from Home” about 7 migrants from the Philippines, India, Bosnia, Morocco and Ukraine living in Europe, and learn more about how transnational mobility and integration is experienced. A project co-directed by Anna Triandafyllidou and Ruby Gropas.

Fourth EU-Asia Trade Roundtable and EU-China Trade Conference


This conference on EU-Asia trade and investment policy research, brings together scholars from China, Japan, Korea and the EU, who will be discussing trade agreements and related issues associated with international cooperation. The second day of the conference centres on a roundtable discussion of representatives of research institutes and think tanks that are members of the Asia-EU Trade Policy Network. 30-31 July 2015

"The Global Trade Slowdown: A New Normal?" Book presentation by Bernard Hoekman


The world’s trade-to-GDP ratio climbed steadily for six decades following World War II, but was already slowing before the Global Crisis. World trade growth has been anaemic since 2010, leading some to wonder whether global trade has peaked. This new eBook examines the reasons for the global trade slowdown and the prospects for trade to act as a driver of growth looking forward. Contributors include leading empirical trade researchers and analysts
from central banks and international economic agencies. The book presentation will take place at The Graduate Institute, Geneva, on 2 July 2015



Envoys of a human God : the Jesuit mission in Ethiopia, 1557-1632

By Andreu Martinez D'Alos-Moner

This book offers a comprehensive study of the religious mission led by the Society of Jesus in Christian Ethiopia. The mission to Ethiopia was one of the most challenging undertakings carried out by the Catholic Church in early modern times. The book examines the period of early Portuguese contacts with the Ethiopian monarchy, the mission’s main developments and its aftermath, with the expulsion of the Jesuit missionaries.

The presidential republic

By Jean Blondel

This study presents the presidential republic as the most widespread form of government in the contemporary world and looks at the countries which pioneered that development. It assesses the development of presidential republics and looks as the variety of national arrangements and practices. Offering an insight into presidential republics across Latin America, Africa and the Ex-soviet Union, this text is a seminal work on political regimes and essential reading for all students and scholars with an interest in political institutions and leadership world-wide.

Representation and democracy in the EU : does one come at the expense of the other?

Edited by Richard Bellamy, Sandra Kröger

This book explores the various ways in which citizens are represented in EU policy-making. Most accounts naturally focus on the European Parliament as the prime source of democratic representation. This collection focuses instead on four other channels that are as and often more important: namely, representation via governments, national parliaments, civil society organisations and directly, via referenda. Based on original research, the book combines democratic theory with detailed empirical analysis to provide an innovative, timely and up-to-date evaluation of the nature of representation in the EU.