4th European Environmental Evaluators' Network (EEEN) Forum. Knowledge from Climate & Environment Policy Evaluation. Supporting the Road from Paris to 2050


The Florence School of Regulation Climate (FSR-Climate) will host the 4th European Environmental Evaluators Network Forum on 17-18 September 2015.  Aiming to advance the practice, policy and theory of evaluating environmental programmes, the forum will bring together practitioners and users of environmental evaluation. A central theme is the evaluation of climate and environment policies in view of mid- and long-term targets.

The legacy of Fausta Deshormes La Valle in today's Europe


The Alcide De Gasperi Research Centre, together with the Historical Archives of the European Union, is organizing the international conference "The building of a European Civil Society in the context of equality between women and men. The legacy of Fausta Deshormes La Valle." Fausta Deshormes La Valle is unanimously regarded by scholars and experts as one of the mothers of a united Europe. The conference will take place on 25 September 2015 at Villa Salviati in Florence, home to the Historical Archives of the European Union.

Call for papers on climate policies


The Florence School of Regulation Climate invites scholars on EU ETS, carbon/energy taxes, energy efficiency policies, and renewable policies to submit papers for the FSR Climate 2015 Annual Conference which will take place on 22-23 October.  The event aims to take stock of existing knowledge on the effects of European climate policies and it will target researchers, policy makers and other stakeholders operating in this area. Deadline for submissions of papers: 6 September 2015

The Author's Hand and the Printer's Mind. Towards a connected history of textual practices


Departing from French cultural historian Roger Chartier’s latest volume "The Author’s Hand and the Printer’s Mind", scholars in the fields of book history, literary history, art history and the history of science and knowledge, among others, will discuss and explore the question of the materiality of text with respect to their varied methodological techniques and practices. 17-18 September 2015



Citizenship in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro : effects of statehood and identity challenges

By Jelena Dzankic

What happens to the citizen when states and nations come into being? How do the different ways in which states and nations exist define relations between individuals, groups, and the government? Are all citizens equal in their rights and duties in the newly established polity? Addressing these key questions in the contested and ethnically heterogeneous post-Yugoslav states of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro, this book reinterprets the place of citizenship in the disintegration of Yugoslavia and the creation of new states in the Western Balkans.

The revival of Islam in the Balkans : from identity to religiosity

Edited by Arolda Elbasani and Olivier Roy

This book challenges top-down analytical frameworks that view Islam in the Balkans as a repository of ethno-national identities and/or a potential 'depot' of conflict between and among nations. It outlines a new conceptual framework in which believers are endowed with the capacity to choose and resist broad classifications amidst the competitive market of religion following the fall of communism.

The transformation of Italian armed forces in comparative perspective : adapt, improvise, overcome?

By Fabrizio Coticchia and Francesco N. Moro

European armed forces have undergone deep changes in the past two decades. The focus of this book is the organizational dimension of the restructuring of armed forces through three different lenses: doctrine and strategic framework, budget and resource allocation, and force structure and deployment. The key issues addressed relate to how these factors interact in shaping transformation. Focusing on the Italian case in comparative perspective and based on a large variety of military operations from airstrikes to peacekeeping and counterinsurgency, the book provides an innovative viewpoint on military transformation.