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The Return of Economic Nationalism? Trump, Brexit, Le Pen and the Political Economy of Economic Patriotism

ben clift

Keynote Lecture with 

Ben Clift (University of Warwick)

 MW Multidisciplinary Workshop
"The Return of Economic Nationalism"


22 May 2017, 18:00-19:00
Badia, Seminar Room 2


This paper explores the return of economic nationalism and its changing articulation with the global economy – first defining economic nationalism with reference to the classical political economy of Friedrich List and others before exploring contemporary economic patriotism in a globalising 21st Century. 

The appropriation of economic nationalistic tropes by contemporary populist politicians is placed in the context of the novel theoretical framework of economic patriotism (EP) (Clift & Woll 2012), and its particular way of understanding the politics of market-making and the role of the state.

EP focuses on the overlapping economic governance regimes and dense international jurisprudence regulating them in which national economies and government are enmeshed.

EP reflects profound if not self-evident contradictions between international market integration and spatially limited political mandates. Ironically, the EP phraseology has been appropriated by demagogues denying such complexities and tensions in articulating their political visions.

Analysing the politics of market-making, the paper explores economic nationalism and economic patriotism within the globalising re-regulation of international economic inter-dependence 

About the speaker:

Professor Ben Clift is Deputy Head of Department of Politics and International Studies and Director of Research at the University of Warwick. His most recent publications include "Comparative Political Economy: States, Markets, and Global Capitalism" (Palgrave 2014) and "Economic Patriotism in Open Economies" (Routledge 2012, co-edited with Cornelia Woll).

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