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Multidisciplinary Workshops by Max Weber Fellows 2016-2017

MRWpageThe core of the Max Weber Programme’s multidisciplinary activities are the  Thematic Research Groups . These Groups are organized on an interdisciplinary basis and bring together Fellows from different disciplines who are working on a similar range of issues.

The Groups have the opportunity to organize one or two workshops each (either two half days or one full day), either in conjunction with a MW Lecturer (Master Classes) or another visiting expert (Multidisciplinary Workshops -MW- by MW Fellows). 

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Upcoming Multidisciplinary Workshops

5 June 2017, 9:30-17:30
'Bayesian Statistics: Concept and Practice'

Organizers: Akisato Suzuki (SPS), Amuitz Garmendia Madariaga (SPS), Paul Bauer (SPS), and under the initiative of the Quantitative Methods Working Group. 

Badia, Emeroteca


List of MW events by Max Weber Fellows for the academic year 2016-2017

  • 11 September 2017, tbc
    'Determinants of Individual Migration in the Mediterranean'
    Organizers: Tine Gade (RSC), Mauro Lanati (RSC), Sophie Lemiere (RSC)
    Badia, Emeroteca, time tbc

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