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Bayesian Statistics: Concept and Practice

 A Max Weber Fellows Multidisciplinay Workshop

with Johan A. Elkink (University College Dublin)
Monday 5 June 2017, 9:30-17:30

Badia, Emeroteca

Organizers: Akisato Suzuki (SPS), Amuitz Garmendia Madariaga (SPS), Paul Bauer (SPS) under the initiative of the Quantitative Methods Working Group



This workshop introduces the concept and practice of Bayesian statistical inference.

Bayesian statistics has gained more recognition than ever in the field of social sciences.

The workshop deals with the fundamental differences between Bayesian and more conventional frequentist statistics and introduces the basic logic of Bayesian inference. It then focuses primarily on computational methods in Bayesian inference, which allow for a high level of flexibility in statistical modelling.

Participants will not only learn the concept of Bayesian statistics but also practice computational Bayesian inference in lab sessions using Stan implemented in R.

Please register by Thursday 1st June. Please note that the number of seats is limited, and they are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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