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Max Weber Master Classes 2016-2017

The core of the Max Weber Programme’s multidisciplinary activities are the  Thematic Research Groups . These Groups are organized on an interdisciplinary basis and bring together Fellows from different disciplines who are working on a similar range of issues.

The Groups have the opportunity to organize one or two workshops each (either two half days or one full day), either in conjunction with a MW Lecturer (Master Classes) or another visiting expert (MWP Events by MW Fellows). 

The Master Classes are usually held on the Thursday following the Max Weber Lecture between 10:00 and 12:00 in the MWP Common Room unless stated otherwise in the programme. 

Upcoming Master Class

Rhacel Salazar Parrenas
(University of Southern California)

"Mobilising morality: Migrant domestic workers in Dubai"

21 March 2017, 15:00-17:00

Villa Schifanoia, Sala Triaria 


This Master Class with Professor Rhacel Salazar Parrenas (University of Southern California) describes labour conditions in Dubai using 85 in-depth interviews with Filipino domestic workers.

While the talk calls attention to the indenture and absence of labour protection for domestic workers, it establishes and describes their labour conditions as falling under three prevailing cultural patterns: a) dehumanisation; b) infantilisation; c) recognition.

The analysis of Professor Parrenas invites for caution in labellinig all domestic workers in Dubai as nothing-but-abuse-victims, consider the kafala (sponsorship) system as a form of "structural violence".

Rhacel Parrenas suggests a more critical understanding of how market activities can be intertwined with moral justifications challenging and shaping the structures of domination even if they do not subvert them.

Download the following readings in PDF in preparations for the master class:

1. What Is Human Trafficking? A Review Essay

2. The indentured mobility of migrant hostesses

3. Domestic workers refusing neo-slavery in the UAE

4. Servants if globalization. Preface

MWP Master Classes 2016-2017

  • 27 October 2016, 11:15-13:15 
    Kalypso Nicolaidis (University of Oxford)
    "Demoi-cracy and its applications"
    Thematic Group: Diversity and Unity 
    Seminar Room, Villa Paola
  • 27 April 2017, 10:00-12:00
    Sally Merry (NYU)
    “Cultural Dimensions of Power/Knowledge: The Challenges of Measuring Violence against Women.”
    Thematic Group: Legal Political and Social Theory
    Villa Paola, Seminar Room


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