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Max Weber Programme Conferences

Max Weber Conference Series

conference pageMWP-ACO Conferences:

The Academic Careers Observatory (ACO) together with the MWP organizes a yearly conference to compare the structures of the academic job market across countries, discusses crucial questions related to the international mobility of scholars and monitors the development of research and funding opportunities for young scholars.

Social Issues for Social Sciences Conference:

This conference is the Max Weber Fellows’ contribution to the Social Sciences and Humanities in research and academia. The conference offers the opportunity to invite back former fellows as either speakers or discussants and as such provides a forum to foster cross-disciplinary and inter-cohort academic collaboration. The conference is entirely organized by the fellows. 


Upcoming Conference



9th JMU-MWP Symposium
18 April 2016
MW Common Room

Conferences 2015-2016

  • 10th MWP-ACO Conference
    2 December 2015,
    Badia Fiesolana, MWP Common Room
  • 9th JMU-MWP Symposium, 18 April 2016,
    MW Common Room
  • 10th Social Issues for Social Sciences Conference
    8-10 June 2016,
    Badia Fiesolana


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