Fellows 2013-2014 on the Job Market

Former Fellows' Affiliations


Charles Brendon 
From September 2014 El-Erian Fellowship at Queens' College, Cambridge, UK

 PhD awarding institution:   University of Oxford
 PhD Title:   Essays in Normative Macroeconomics
 Job Market Paper:   Efficiency, Equity, and Optimal Income Taxation
 EUI Mentor:   Ramon Marimon  and  Evi Pappa

Ramon Marimon, European University Institute

Martin Ellison, University of Oxford

Arpad Abraham, European University Institute

 Fields of Interest:  Macroeconomics, Public Economics
 Job Preference:   Academia / Assistant Professor
 Country Preference:  None
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Charles Brendon
From September 2014 El-Erian Fellowship at Queens' College, Cambridge, UK

PhD awarding institution:             University of Oxford

PhD Title:                                   Essays in Normative Macroeconomics

Job Market Paper:                       Efficiency, Equity, and Optimal Income Taxation                                              

EUI Mentor:                                Ramon Marimon and Evi Pappa

References:                                Ramon Marimon, European University Institute
                                                 Martin Ellison, University of Oxford
                                                 Arpad Abraham, European University Institute

Fields of Interest:                        Macroeconomics, Public Economics

Job Preference:                           Academia / Assistant Professor

Country Preference:                     None

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Brandon Restrepo
From September 2014 Economist, Food and Drug Administration, USA 

PhD awarding institution:             The Ohio State University

PhD Title:                                   Essays on Human Capital Investment

Job Market Paper:                      The Effects of Calorie Labeling in Chain Restaurants on Body Mass Index
                                                 and Obesity: Evidence from New York

EUI Mentor:                               Jérôme Adda

References:                               Jérôme Adda, European University Institute
                                                 David Blau, The Ohio State University 
                                                 Audrey Light, The Ohio State University
                                                 Bruce Weinberg, The Ohio State University

Fields of Interest:                        Health Economics, Demographic Economics, Labor Economics,
                                                 Economics of Education    

Job Preference:                          Tenure-Track Academic Position

Country Preference:                    USA and Europe

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Michalis Rousakis

PhD awarding institution:            University of Warwick

PhD Title:                                  Essays on Economic Fluctuations

Job Market Paper:                      Expectations and Fluctuations: The Role of Monetary Policy

EUI Mentor:                                Evi Pappa

References:                               Herakles Polemarchakis, University of Warwick
                                                Evi Pappa, European University Institute
                                                Ramon Marimon, European University Institute
                                                Paulo Santos Monteiro, University of York                       

Fields of Interest:                       Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics

Job Preference:                         Tenure-track Academic Position and Institutions

Country Preference:                   Europe               

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Jesper Rüdiger From September 2014 Assistant Professor at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark

PhD awarding institution:           Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

PhD Title:                                 Essays in information transmission

Job Market Paper:                     Experts, reputation and cascades 

EUI Mentor:                               Piero Gottardi  

References:                              Antonio Cabrales (UCL), Piero Gottardi (EUI), David Levine (EUI), 
                                               Andrea Mattozzi, (EUI)  

Fields of Interest:                      Economic theory, information transmission, information markets, political
                                               economy, experiments 

Job Preference:                        Assistant Professor

Country Preference:                  None

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History and Civilization


David Do Paço

PhD awarding institution:           Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

PhD Title:                                 Orient in Vienna, 1739-1792: social integration of Ottoman merchants and diplomats
                                               into the city and the Imperial Residence                  

EUI Mentor:                               Ann Thomson and Stéphane Van Damme

References:                              Christine Lebeau, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
                                               Jocelyne Dakhlia, ÉHÉSS
                                               Wolfgang Schmale, Universität Wien

Fields of Interest:                      18th Century, Cosmopolitanism and Urban History, Critical Approaches to Diaspora
                                               Studies, Cross-Cultural History, Early Modern Europe, Enlightenment, Historical 
                                               Anthropology, History of Social Integration, International Relations, Orientalism,
                                               Ottoman Empire and Europe, Social and Cultural Engineering,
                                               Socio-Cultural History of Economy,

Job Preference:                        Teaching and Research positions 

Country Preference:                  France, UK, Italy, Austria, Germany

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Franziska Exeler

PhD awarding institution:            Princeton University

PhD Title:                                  Reckoning with Occupation. Soviet Power, Local Communities, and the Ghosts of
                                                Wartime Behavior in Post-1944 Belorussia            

EUI Mentor :                              Alexander Etkind  

References:                              Stephen Kotkin, Princeton University
                                               Jan T. Gross, Princeton University
                                               Amir Weiner, Stanford University                      

Fields of Interest:                      Stalinism, World War II, and the Holocaust in Eastern Europe; Societies in the    
                                               Aftermath of Extreme Violence; Space, Movement and Identity in Twentieth Century
                                               Eurasia; Gender History; Informal Power and Patronage Networks

Job Preference:                         Academia

Country Preference:                   None

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Hassan Malik  

PhD awarding institution:           Harvard University

PhD Title:                                 Bankers and Bolsheviks: International Finance and the Russian Revolution, 1892-1922

EUI Mentor:                              Youssef Cassis  

References:                              Niall Ferguson, Harvard University
                                               Terry Martin, Harvard University
                                               Charles Maier, Harvard University 

Fields of Interest:                      Financial history, economic history, international history, history of revolutions,
                                               business history, banking history, Russian history, history of capitalism,
                                               globalization, "emerging markets", oil, historical sociology

Job Preference:                        Academia

Country Preference:                  None 

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Anne McGinnes

PhD awarding institution:          University of  Notre Dame 

PhD Title:                                The Atlantic Reformation: How Confessional Conflict Affected Brazilian Society,
                                              1554 - 1654 

EUI Mentor:                              Jorge Flores

References:                             Felipe Fernández-Armesto, John W. O’Malley, Thomas Cohen

Fields of Interest:                     Colonial Latin America, early modern Europe, history of Christianity, Portuguese empire,
                                              Jesuit history, missions

Job Preference:                       Academia

Country Preference:                 USA      

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Valerie McGuire

PhD awarding institution:          New York University

PhD Title:                                Fascism's Mediterranean Empire: Italian Occupation and Governance in the
                                              Dodecanese Islands (1912-43) 

EUI Mentor:                              Lucy Riall   

References:                             Ruth Ben-Ghiat, New York University, 
                                              David Forgacs, New York University

Fields of Interest:                     Italian Studies, Colonialism and Postcolonialism, Fascism, Travel Literature and
                                              Mediterranean Studies, Immigration and Cosmopolitanism

Job Preference:                       Assistant Professor of Italian Studies or Mediterranean History

Country Preference:                 None 



Thomas Beukers

PhD awarding institution:           University of Amsterdam

PhD Title:                                 Law, Practice and Convention in the Constitution of the European Union

EUI Mentor:                              Marise Cremona                   

Fields of Interest:                      European Constitutional Law, European Law, Comparative Constitutional Law, European
                                               Politics, Eurozone Crisis

Country Preference:                  Europe

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Cristina Fasone
From September 2014 second year MWP fellowship

PhD awarding institution:            University of Siena       

PhD Title:                                  Systems of parliamentary committees and forms of government 
                                                (PhD in Comparative Public Law)        

EUI Mentor:                               Loïc Azoulai     

References:                              Tania Groppi, Nicola Lupo, Yves Mény     

Fields of Interest:                      Comparative Constitutional Law, Parliamentary Law, EU Institutional Law    

Job Preference:                         Academia/Assistant Professor    

Country Preference:                   Europe

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Migle Laukyte

PhD awarding institution:           University of Bologna  

PhD Title:                                 Law and Science Through the Lens of Patent Law and Software Agents  

EUI Mentor:                               Giovanni Sartor    

References:                              Giovanni Sartor, EUI, Antonino Rotolo, University of Bologna 

Fields of Interest:                      Computer Science and Law, STS studies 

Job Preference:                         Academia  

Country Preference:                   No preference 

Robert Lepenies  
From September 2014 second year MWP fellowship

PhD awarding institution:          Hertie School of Governance, Berlin  

PhD Title:                                Losers in Trade: Economics and Normative Justifications

EUI Mentor:                             Petros Mavroidis  

Fields of Interest:                     Political Philosophy, International Political Economy, Intellectual History of Economics, 
                                              Global Justice


Magdal ena Malecka

PhD awarding institution:          Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Warsaw

PhD Title:                               Taking law & economics seriously. A philosophical critique of economic analysis of law

EUI Mentor:                             Giovanni Sartor    

Fields of Interest:                    Legal Theory, Methodology of Legal Sciences, Philosophy of Law,  Classical Philosophy,
                                             Normativity, Rationality, Behavioral Sciences and Law                      

Job Preference:                      Academia  (Post-doc position, Assistant Professor)

Country Preference:                Europe 


Political and Social Sciences


Mohamed-Ali Adraoui

PhD awarding institution:         Sciences Po Paris 

PhD Title:                               Par-delà le discours. Le salafisme en France: socialisation ou rupture d'un groupe social?
                                             Analyse de l'émergence d'un nouveau visage de l'islam en France 

EUI Mentor:                            Olivier Roy  

References:                            Olivier Roy, EUI, CNRS, Gilles Kepel, Sciences Po, Institut Universitaire de France,
                                              Bernard Haykel, Princeton University 

Fields of Interest:                     International Relations, Politics in the Arab World, Conflicts and transitions in the
                                              Middle East and North Africa, Political Islam, Islam in the West

Job Preference:                       Academia

Country Preference:                 United States, France, United Kingdom     


Gregorio Bettiza

PhD awarding institution:          London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

PhD title:                                The Global Resurgence of Religion and the Desecularization of American Foreign 
                                              Policy, 1990-2012

EUI mentor:                            Ulrich Krotz

References:                            Michael Cox, LSE, Katerina Dalacoura, LSE, Daniel Philpott, University of Notre Dame 

Fields of interest:                    Culture, Religion and Civilizations in International Relations (IR), IR Theory and Foreign
                                             Analysis, American Foreign Policy, Transatlantic Relations, The Middle East in
                                             International Relations

Job preference:                       Academia

Country preference:                 USA, UK, Italy

J. Matthew Hoye

PhD awarding institution:          The New School for Social Research  

PhD Title:                                Language, History, and the Rhetoric of Sovereignty in the Political Philosophy of Hobbes

Job Market Paper:                   The Rhetoric of Sovereignty

EUI Mentor:                              Rainer Bauböck

References:                             Nancy Fraser, Andreas Kalyvas, Rainer Bauböck                                       

Fields of Interest:                     Political Theory, Early-modern Political Theory, Republicanism, Rhetoric
,                                             Hobbes, Critical Theory, Methodology 

Job Preference:                        Academia

Country Preference:                 North America, Europe

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Thibaud Boncourt  

PhD awarding institution:          Institute of Political Studies of Bordeaux 

PhD Title:                                The internationalisation of political science. A comparison between French and British 
                                              political sciences (1945-2010)

EUI Mentor:                            Ulrich Krotz                               

Fields of Interest:                     Internationalisation of Professions, Transnational Flow of Ideas, History of Social
                                              Sciences, Sociology of the Military

Job Preference:                       Academia  

Country Preference:                 France  

Adriana Bunea
From September 2014 two year fellowship at University College London (Marie Curie Independent Grant)

PhD awarding institution:        Trinity College Dublin

PhD Title:                              Lobbying Brussels: Interest Groups’ Demands and Networks in EU Environmental Policy

EUI Mentor:                            Adrienne Heritier

References:                           Robert Thomson, Gail McElroy, Frank Baumgartner, Jan Beyers                                  

Fields of Interest:                   EU politics and policymaking, interest groups, methodology of interest groups 
                                            research, bureaucracies, executives, legislatures, comparative politics

Job Preference:                      Lecturer (Assistant Professor); Postdoctoral researcher

Country Preference:               United Kingdom, Sweden  

Besir Ceka
From September 2014 Assistant Professor at Davidson College in North Carolina

PhD awarding institution:         University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

PhD Title:                               The causes and consequences of political trust and satisfaction with democracy in 
                                             Eastern Europe

EUI Mentor:                             Alexander Trechsel and Hanspeter Kriesi

References:                            Milada Vachudova, Gary Marks, Liesbet Hooghe

Fields of Interest:                    EU, public opinion, political participation, party politics and international organizations

Job Preference:                       Academia

Country Preference:                 None

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Michael Donnelly
From September 2014 Assistant Professor, University of Toronto

PhD awarding institution:         Princeton University

PhD Title:                               Identity and Interests: Voter Heuristics and Support for Redistributive Policy

EUI Mentor:                            Sven Steinmo

References:                            Grigore Pop-Eleches, Rafaela Dancygier, John Londregan

Fields of Interest:                    Comparative Politics, Social Policy, Political Economy, Political Behavior, Quantitative

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Zoe Lefkofridi
From September 2014 Jean Monnet and Max Weber Programme fellowship

PhD awarding institution:        University of Vienna/Institute for Advanced Studies Vienna-IHS

PhD Title:                              National Party Response to European Integration: A Theoretical Framework & Evidence
                                            from the Case of Greece (1974-2007)

EUI Mentor:                           Alex Trechsel

References:                           Sylvia Kritzinger, University of Vienna
                                            Anton Pelinka, Central European University/CEU
                                            Anne Maria Holli, University of Helsinki.   

Fields of Interest:                   Transnational Democracy & Representation, European integration, Multilevel Governance
                                            & Europeanization, Inequality (Gender & Migration), Political Extremism 

Job Preference:                     Academia

Country Preference:               Austria

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Andrej Tusicisny
From September 2014 Junior Research Fellow at Carlos III-Juan March Institute of Social Sciences, Madrid,Spain

PhD awarding institution:        Columbia University

PhD Title:                              Reciprocity and Prejudice: An Experiment of Hindu-Muslim Cooperation in the Slums
                                            of Mumbai

EUI Mentor:                           Diego Gambetta

References:                           Jack Snyder, Columbia University, 
                                            Donald Green, Columbia University,
                                            Tanisha Fazal, University of Notre Dame

Fields of Interest:                   International Relations, Comparative Politics, Political Psychology, Research Methods

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