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Fellows on the Job Market

 Find below a list of MW Fellows currently on the job market by department


Lian Allub (MW Fellow 2014-2017)


PhD Awarding Institution: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

PhD Title: Essays on Financial Frictions, Occupational Choice and Trade

EUI Mentor: Ramón Marimon

References: Andrés Erosa (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), Ramón Marimon (EUI) and Arpád Abraham (EUI)

Fields of Interest:  Macroeconomics, Growth and Development, International Trade 

Job preference:

Personal Homepage

Ines Berniell (MW Fellow 2015-2017)


PhD awarding institution: CEMFI

PhD Title: Empirical Essays on the Allocation of Time and Money

EUI Mentor: Andrea Ichino

References: Manuel Bagues (Aalto University), Andrea Ichino (EUI), Monica Martinez-Bravo (CEMFI)

Fields of Interest: Labor Economics, Applied Microeconomics and Development Economics      

Job preference:

Personal homepage      

History and Civilization

Jonathan Greenwood (MW Fellow 2016-2017)


PhD Awarding Institution: Johns Hopkins University

PhD Title: Founder, Healer, Blessed, Saint: Collecting and Interpreting Miracles in the Early Modern Iberian World

EUI Mentor: Jorge Flores

References: Richard L. Kagan (Johns Hopkins); Gabriel Paquette (Johns Hopkins); Felipe Pereda (Harvard)

Fields of Interest: Early Modern Iberia and its World, Catholicism, Globalization, Hispanophobia, Historiography, Material Culture

Job Preference: Assistant Professor

Personal Homepage

Giulia Bonazza (MW Fellow 2016-2017)

PhD Awarding Institution: Cà Foscari University Venice - EHESS Paris

PhD Title:  The Echoes of the Anglo-French Abolitionist Debate and the Persistence of Slavery in Italian States (1750-1850)

EUI Mentor: Lucy Riall

References: Rolf Petri, Myriam Cottias, Francesca Sofia

Fields of Interest:  18th-19th Century History, Mediterranean History, Atlantic History, History of Slavery, Global History

Country Preference: Europe – U.S.

Job Preference: Post-doctoral fellowships, Tenure Track Position


Marta Musso (MW Fellow 2016-2017)


PhD Awarding Institution: University of Cambridge

PhD Title:  Towards an independent European energy policy: the oil industry in the aftermath of the Algerian War

EUI Mentor: Youssef Cassis

References: Martin Daunton (University of Cambridge); Dominique Barjot (Université Sorbonne - Paris IV); Robert Vitalis (University of Pennsylvania)

Fields of Interest:  Business history, International Development, Energy History, World History, Digital History

Job Preference: Lecturer/Assistant Professor

Personal Homepage

Mate Rigo (MW Fellow 2016-2017)

PhD Awarding Institution: Cornell University

PhD Title:  Imperial Elites after the Fall of Empires: Businesses and States in Europe's East and West, 1867-1928

EUI Mentor: Pieter Judson

References: Holly Case (Cornell University), Isabel Hull (Cornell University), Vicki Caron (Cornell University)

Fields of Interest:  Modern European History, Central Europe, East-Central Europe, Austria-Hungary, Romania, France, Germany, Jewish Studies, Business History, Comparative and Transnational, Finance

Job Preference: 

CV (pdf)


Anna Chadwick (MW 2nd Year Fellow)

PhD Awarding Institution: London School of Economics and Political Science

PhD title: Financial speculation, hunger, and the global food crisis: Whither regulation?

EUI Mentors: Stefan Grundmann

References: Professor Susan Marks (LSE); Professor Andrew Lang (LSE); Professor Fleur Johns (UNSW)

Fields of Interest: Public International Law, Human Rights Law, International Economic Law, Financial Regulation, Capital Markets Law, Critical Legal Theory.                 

Job Preference: Assistant Professor 

Political and Social Sciences


Paul Bauer (MW 2nd Year Fellow)


PhD Awarding Institution: University of Bern, Switzerland

PhD Title:  Three Essays on the Concept of Trust and its Foundations

EUI Mentor: Diego Gambetta 

References:  Markus Freitag (Bern), Diego Gambetta (EUI), Richard Traunmüller (Frankfurt)

Fields of Interest:  Public Opinion, Trust , Causal Inference, Survey methods, Text analysis

Job Preference: PostDoc, Assistant Professor

Personal Homepage

Ioannis Galariotis (MW 2nd Year Fellow)

PhD Awarding Institution: University of Athens

PhD title: The Social Construction of EU Foreign Policy: The Case of Greece, 1996-2009

EUI Mentor: Ulrich Krotz

References: Professor Dimitris Bourantonis (Athens University of Economics & Business), Professor Kostas Ifantis (University of Athens), Professor Nicholas Sambanis (Yale University)

Fields of Interest: International Relations, European Integration, Methodology (Quantitative Methods, Computational Social Sciences) 

Job Preference: Assistant Professor/Lecturer

Personal Homepage

Steven Klein (MW Fellow 2016-2017)


PhD Awarding Institution: University of Chicago

PhD Title:  The Work of Politics: Radical Democracy, Political Economy, and the Twentieth-Century Welfare State

EUI Mentor: Richard Bellamy

References:  John McCormick (University of Chicago); Patchen Markell (University of Chicago); Lisa Wedeen (University of Chicago)

Fields of Interest:  Democratic Theory, Theories of the Welfare State, German Social and Political Thought

Job Preference: Lecturer/Assistant Professor

Personal Homepage

Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies 


Stefano Marcuzzi (MW Fellow 2016-2017)


PhD Awarding Institution: University of Oxford

PhD Title: Anglo-Italian Relations during the First World War

EUI Mentor: Luigi Narbone 

References: Hew Strachan (St. Andrews University); Cathal Nolan (BU); Luigi Narbone (EUI)

Fields of Interest: Strategic Studies, History, International Relations

Job Preference: Post-doc; Assistant Professor/Lecturer; International Organizations Policy Analyst







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