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Max Weber Programme Working Papers

The impact of foreign aid on migration revisited

Authors: LANATI, Mauro; THIELE, Rainer
Year: 2017
Abstract: While policymakers hope to stem migration flows by giving foreign aid, existing empirical evidence points in the opposite direction: by loosening…

Islamist echoes in the context of the Tunisian Islamist Party's 10th congress

Author: LEMIERE, Sophie
Year: 2017
Abstract: Since the uprising in 2011, Tunisia is seen as a political lab whose experiences impact the entire region. The return to the political scene of the…

Contracting with type-dependent naïveté

Author: FOSCHI, Matteo
Year: 2017
Abstract: I analyse the optimal contracting behaviour of an employer who faces workers with different, incorrect beliefs about their productivity (naïve…

Factors and parameters of the EU performance in international organisations : a theoretical framework

Authors: GALARIOTIS, Ioannis; GIANNIOU, Maria; IAKOVIDIS, Iakovos
Year: 2017
Abstract: The formulation of a distinctive and visible profile on the international stage is one of the central, challenging issues that the European Union has…

Transparency in transnational sustainability governance : a multivariate analysis of regulatory standard-setting programs

Authors: SCHLEIFER, Philip; FIORINI, Matteo; AULD, Graeme
Year: 2017
Abstract: Beginning in the early 1990s, non-state actors have taken over a wide range of governance functions that used to be the prerogative of states and…

Electoral competition in Europe’s new tripolar political space : class voting for the left, centre-right and radical right

Authors: OESCH, Daniel; RENNWALD, Line
Year: 2017
Abstract: In a growing number of countries, the two dominant political poles of the 20th century, the parties of the Left and the Centre-Right, are challenged…

Emperor’s new clothes? : using medieval history to reflect on the globalization paradigm

Author: MCCLURE, Julia
Year: 2017
Abstract: This paper aims to give a face to the ‘globalization paradigm’ at work in some global histories and to recognize similarities between this…

Democratic reform and opposition to government expenditure : evidence from nineteenth-century Britain

Author: CHAPMAN, Jonathan
Year: 2016
Abstract: Several theories have argued that democratic reform will lead to higher government spending. However, these theories have generally focused on…
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