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Max Weber Programme Working Papers

Taxation and redistribution in autocratic and democratic regimes over the long-run of history

Authors: SEELKOPF, Laura; LIERSE, Hanna
Year: 2017
Abstract: The introduction of the personal income tax has often coincided with phases of democratization in history. A common explanation is that the demands…

Intra-household sharing of financial resources : a review

Authors: KULIC, Nevena; DOTTI SANI, Giulia M.
Year: 2017
Abstract: Since the 1960s, the allocation of resources in couples has been the object of much research in both the fields of economics and sociology. Today,…

Hard evidence and welfare in adverse selection environments

Author: PRAM, Kym
Year: 2017
Abstract: I consider environments in which an agent with private information can acquire arbitrary hard evidence about his type before interacting with a…

Sorting when firms have size

Author: GORYUNOV, Maxim
Year: 2017
Abstract: In this paper, I study the sorting of workers to firms, when firm size is explicitly taken into account. I develop a method to non-parametrically…

Xenophobic manifestations, otherness and violence in Greece 1996-2016 : evidence from an event analysis of media collections

Authors: GALARIOTIS, Ioannis; GEORGIADOU, Vasiliki; KAFE, Anastasia; LIALIOUTI, Zinovia
Year: 2017
Abstract: Research on xenophobia in Europe has recently received much attention in various academic disciplines. The existing scholarly debate focuses more on…

Lebanon poised at the brink

Author: GADE, Tine
Year: 2016
Abstract: Gravely affected by the Syrian crisis, Lebanon has remained relatively stable against all odds – despite the influx of some 1.5 million Syrian…

Business preferences in international investment policymaking : does European business lobby for international investment agreements?

Author: BASEDOW, Johann Robert
Year: 2017
Abstract: Does European business lobby for international investment agreements? In the public debate, international investment policymaking has become almost…

The impact of foreign aid on migration revisited

Authors: LANATI, Mauro; THIELE, Rainer
Year: 2017
Abstract: While policymakers hope to stem migration flows by giving foreign aid, existing empirical evidence points in the opposite direction: by loosening…
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