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Teaching by the Fellows is not a MWP requirement but taking into account that fellows arrive with differing teaching experience, and that teaching methods differ across fields and university systems, the MWP offers different options for gaining teaching experience. This will support Fellows in their search for an academic position.

It is the strategy of the Max Weber Programme to offer teaching opportunities not only outside the EUI (where undergraduate teaching is possible) but also within the EUI.  

Courses and Seminars at the EUI

All Fellows are associated with one of the EUI Departments where they have the opportunity to present graduate seminars to Ph.D. researchers.

Teaching at Local American and Italian Universities

The Max Weber Programme has established collaboration with many of the Florence-based American campuses and with Italian universities mainly offering undergraduate or masters' courses.

Teaching Abroad

The Max Weber Programme is offering teaching experience with universities abroad, of which the London School of Economics, the Humboldt University in Berlin, and Universidad Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona are offering Max Weber Fellows a weeks’ teaching experience. 

MWP Teaching Certificate

The Max Weber Programme has formalized the teaching activities organised during the fellowship and created the possibility for a Max Weber Fellow to obtain a MWP teaching certificate.



Information for Universities and Departments

The Max Weber Programme is always interested in expanding its network of collaboration. If you have a course or seminar and are looking for someone to teach it, or if you are interested in knowing more about the teaching exchange with universities abroad, please contact Karin Tilmans.

Dr Karin Tilmans
Programme Coordinator
Email karin.tilmans@eui.eu
Tel. +39 055 4685 660
Fax +39 055 4685 804

Page last updated on 07 October 2014