ENTraNCE is a project that focuses on competition law and economics. It is a new hub where European and international competition enforcers and other stakeholders can exchange ideas, share best-practices, debate emerging policy issues and enhance their networks. The project is directed by Professor Pier Luigi Parcu  who is supported by a research team and a Scientific Committee.

The ENTraNCE projects carries out three types of activities:

By linking training, debate and research activity together with the presence and inputs of a varied community of scholars and practitioners, it creates a common cultural space where major scientific projects can be carried out.

ENTraNCE has two distinct components:

ENTraNCE for Judges

A training programme on competition law and economics for EU national judges, co-financed by the European Commission.



ENTraNCE for Executives

A tailor-made programme for competition officers and professionals dealing with competition law and economics, supported by private funding.


Page last updated on 09 June 2016