How to Refurbish All Buildings by 2050

TOPIC 7 - Semester 4 (JANUARY-JUNE 2012)

led by Péter Kaderják

With this report, we covered an important topic of the Energy Roadmap 2050 Communication: how might the energy performance of buildings drastically improve to reach the 2050 targets?


Academic Publications

Meeus, Leonardo, Peter Kaderják, Isabel Azevedo, Peter Kotek, Zsuzsanna Pato, Laszlo Szabo, and Jean-Michel Glachant
Regulating building refurbishment in the context of the Energy Roadmap 2050, European Energy Journal, 2013, forthcoming


Introductory video
by Leonardo Meeus

Short presentation of the report
by Leonardo Meeus

Comments by Paul Hodson
Head of Unit Energy Efficiency at DG ENER

Comments by Jorge Vasconcelos
Chairman at NEWES


"How to refurbish all buildings by 2050", Leonardo Meeus – Presentation at FSR Annual Brussels Conference, Brussels, 13 November 2012