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The Ursula Hirschmann Annual Lecture Series on Gender and Europe

[this page is no longer updated]

The Gender Studies Programme's Annual Lecture series is concerned with the specific connections between 'gender' and 'Europe'. It promotes an understanding of the linkages between gender and European issues, together with an idea of Europe which recognises differences, including that of gender.

The series is named after the Europeanist Ursula Hirschmann, founder of the group Femmes pour l'Europe in Brussels in 1975.

Ursula Hirschmann was born in Berlin in 1913, to a Jewish family, and migrated first to France and then to Italy, when the Nazis seized power in Germany. In 1941 she played an important role in the creation and diffusion of Spinelli's 'Ventotene Manifesto'. During her lifetime, she married two anti-Fascists and Europeanists, Eugenio Colorni and Altiero Spinelli. Some of her autobiographical writings have been published as Noi senza patria (Bologna, Il Mulino, 1993).

The Ursula Hirschman Lectures

Assia Djebar
Membre de de l'Académie française et l'Académie royale de langue et de littérature françaises de Belgique; Silver Chair Professor, New York University
Écrire pour quel horizon ?
19 April
2007 - 6th UH Lecture
[Assia Djebar's home page]

Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak
Avalon Foundation, Columbia University
What is gender? Where is Europe?'
21 April 2005 - 5th UH Lecture

Laura Balbo
Università di Padova
Making a European Quilt. Doing Gender in the European Social Sciences'
20 April 2004 - 4th UH Lecture

Luisa Passerini
Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut, Essen and Università di Torino
Women in Europe, Women in Love: In Search of New Forms
of Subjectivity

20 May 2003 - 3rd UH Lecture

Barbara Duden
University of Hanover
The Euro and the Gene: Perceived by a Historian of the Unborn
7 May 2002 - 2nd UH Lecture

Rosi Braidotti
Netherlands Research School of Women's Studies at Utrecht University
Gender, Identity and Multiculturalism in Europe
8 May 2001 - 1st UH Lecture

The Ursula Hirschmann Lectures are published online in the RSCAS Distinguished Lectures series.


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