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About Cadmus

Cadmus is the EUI's open access research repository and contains the EUI-members' academic publications produced during their time at the EUI and those based on research carried out during their time at the EUI.

It also includes all publications from any academic series sponsored by the EUI, such as working paper series and theses written by EUI researchers.

The repository's content is constantly growing both in number of bibliographic records and full-text publications.

The EUI supports the principle of Open Access. Cadmus is searchable in, and harvested by, several European and international networks and portals


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Statistics and Print Reports

  • Usage statistics are available per item or per collection/community. It shows the number of views and file downloads. Statistics in Cadmus are available from September 2010, i.e. since the upgrade of Cadmus to DSpace 1.6x. To view statistics go to the publication, collection or community, then click 'view statistics' in the left margin.
  • Print Reporting tool. You can request yearly reports in pdf or rtf per collection or per author, sorted by type of publication.

For further information contact cadmus@eui.eu

Read Articles via DOI links

Records of journal articles include, where available, the DOI (Digital Object Identifier).

The DOI takes you to the full-text of the article (if the Library’s subscription to the e-journal is available on the publisher’s platform). In practice the link takes you to the publisher’s webpage. If, however, the Library’s subscription to the e-journal is on another platform or database, or if the user is not on-campus, then you are advised to check the Library Catalogue.


Page last updated on 08 July 2013