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How and What to Submit to Cadmus

Guidelines in brief for authors

  • Cadmus aims at including all academic publications by EUI members either published during their time at the EUI or based on research carried out at the EUI
  • Send the publications for inclusion to cadmus@eui.eu - check that bibliographic details are complete and correct
  • Include the fulltext in PDF where possible
  • No self-archiving directly into DSpace is enabled. Library staff does the submissions for you
  • Examples on How to Submit

Who are eligible 'EUI authors'

  • EUI Professors and Fellows
  • EUI Researchers (masters and doctoral)
  • EUI Research assistants
  • EUI Visiting professors, fellows and researchers

Content in Cadmus

Academic Publications of EUI members

  • Books (authored and edited)
  • Special issues of Journals (edited by EUI members)
  • Chapters in edited books
  • Journal Articles
  • Working papers (and similar series, at the EUI and elsewhere)

EUI-sponsored Academic Publications

  • EUI Ph.D. and LL.M. theses
  • EUI Working papers, Policy papers, Lectures series and Research reports
  • Collected Courses of the Academy of European Law
  • European Journal of Legal Studies (EJLS)
  • Publications coming from ERC/EU (FP7/Horizon2020) projects hosted at the EUI
Send complete and correct bibliographic details as below


  • Author(s) - complete first names and surnames
  • Title of article
  • Title of journal, Year, Volume, Issue
  • Pages of article (start-end pages)
  • ISSN
  • DOI (if available)
  • Abstract
  • Full-text (where allowed)

Non-EUI Working Paper

  • Author(s)  - complete first names and surnames
  • Title of working paper
  • WP series - complete series title, Year, WP number
  • ISSN
  • DOI (if available)
  • Abstract
  • Full-text (where allowed)


  • Author(s) or Editor(s)  - complete first names and surnames
  • Title of book
  • City of publication, Publisher, Year
  • ISBN
  • DOI (if available)
  • Abstract, Table of Contents
  • Book cover (high-resolution .pdf or .jpg file)
  • Full-text (where allowed or an extract)

Book chapter

  • Author(s) of chapter  - complete first names and surnames
  • Title of chapter, Pages of chapter (start-end pages)
  • Editor(s) of book, Title of book
  • City of publication, Publisher, Year
  • ISBN
  • DOI (if available)
  • Abstract of chapter
  • Full-text (where allowed)

Authors not to submit

  • EUI theses and working papers since they are submitted by departments and included by Library staff
  • Forthcoming publications: only published works are included
  • Short, journalistic pieces or book reviews

Frequent submissions of project publications

  • Frequent submissions can be made via batch import of a .csv file into DSpace.
  • A .csv is adapted for the project by library staff, completed by project staff Libre/OpenOffice and sent to cadmus@eui.eu
  • The batch import is performed by Library staff.
  • Contact cadmus@eui.eu for information on how to use the batch import method and to obtain an adapted .csv for your project publications. 


Page last updated on 13 October 2015