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Make Articles available in green Open Access

Try to add your full-text articles in Cadmus. Staff can assist you in checking which article version is allowed! Contact cadmus@eui.eu or follow the instructions below.

Which article version is allowed?

Check in Sherpa-Romeo which version you are allowed to submit. Most international academic journal publishers are listed. There are three possible versions allowed:

  1. Post-print version: Most common allowed version. This is the accepted version in which the author may have incorporated into the text the outcome of the peer-review. No formatting has been made by the publisher (like type-setting and page numbers)
  2. Pre-print version: this is the article as first submitted and accepted before it has been peer-reviewed, edited or prepared for publication by a publisher
  3. Published version: this is the definitive published version as received from the publisher

Usually there is some kind of restriction linked to the upload of the fulltext, like a 12 months embargo for example. Also this information is included in Sherpa-Romeo. The allowed version can be added immmediately - Cadmus can handle the embargo restriction automatically.

If you cannot find the publisher on Sherpa-Romeo, contact the publisher directly asking for permission. Cadmus staff can advice on author rights and correspondence with publishers.

You can use this letter (en) - (fr) as a model, or check the signed publishing contract/agreement to see what rights you have in respect to full-text publication of the article.

You are also encouraged to archive full-text of book chapters, and books (or sample chapters) where allowed. See also the section on Copyright & Authors Rights

Send the PDF allowed

  • Attach the PDF of the article as allowed by the publisher (published, post-print or pre-print version) and indicate any embargo time required
  • Indicate for which article (title, journal, volume and issue, page numbers) you are sending the full-text
  • If you are sedning 'final published version' it must be the author's personal copy as received from the publisher. PDF files downloaded from paid library e-resources are NOT permitted.

Give permission

In order to give Cadmus permission to place the article online, read the Cadmus licence agreement and copy-and-paste the text below into the body of the email:

"I, [Name and Surname], hereby authorise Cadmus, EUI Research repository, to place online a full-text version of the journal articles listed below. 

[Title, Author, Year or Cadmus handle + Version allowed]

I have read and accept the terms of the Cadmus licence agreement 



Page last updated on 23 March 2017