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Corporate Publications

This section provides information on general activities and programmes of the EUI, such as brochures and the Annual Report of the President, as well as more specific information on programmes, past and ongoing activities.

  • Blogs-magazines
    • The EUI Times, highlighting the academic activities of the Institute
    • EUI Life, informing EUI faculty, researchers, staff and alumni of the latest community news


Recently Published

Browse the President's Annual Report on ISSUU

The President's Annual Report on 2014

The President’s Annual Report on 2014 details a year notable for the considerable efforts made to deepen the Institute’s connections to European, national and other institutions across the globe; to develop and strengthen synergies across the academic units and disciplines; and to cultivate amongst all of our members, be they researchers, faculty or staff, a sense of ownership in the objectives and achievements of the EUI...

Browse the Academic Publications on ISSUU

EUI Academic Publications 2014

Seventh Directory of the academic publications of the European University Institute (EUI) and its members, covering the calendar year 2014. It contains the details of more than one thousand publications: 92 books, 221 book chapters, 115 theses, 300 journal articles, 204 working papers and 125 research reports, lecture series and policy papers. Readers wishing to see the very latest EUI publications should consult Cadmus (cadmus.eui.eu), the EUI Research Repository, which is updated daily and where an increasing proportion of our output is made available in Open Access. 

Cover - EUI Times Spring15

EUI Times, Spring 2015

On the event of the State of the Union Conference 2015 ‘Confronting the Future of Europe,’ we are pleased to offer readers a selection of articles showcasing the people, ideas and research exemplary of the activities of the Institute.

All of these articles, and more, are available on the EUI Times website at: times.eui.eu


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