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Piero Malvestiti documents digitized

Posted on 21 April 2017

Through an agreement signed in 2012 the Historical Archives of the European Union has prepared a complete inventory of the documents of Piero Malvestiti, a former president of the European Coal and Steel Community. The documents have been returned to Istituto Luigi Sturzo but 328 files (out of 512) were digitized by the HAEU and can be freely accessed online

The documents are extremely useful for understanding Italian history during the period of fascism - Malvestiti opposed the fascist regime and was jailed for it and later became a member of the Resistance. After the World War II and his ministerial duties, Malvestiti acted as the vice president of the European Economic Community from 1958 to 1959. In 1959 he became the president of the European Coal and Steel Community and he held the position until 1963. Notable about this collection of documents is his correspondence with several protagonists of European integration.

The Historical Archives of Istituto Luigi Sturzo, which has its headquarters in Rome, remain the holder of the copyrights of the Malvestiti’s documents and photos (more than 1500 units), and has to be enquired for all uses which researchers intend to do. The descriptions of the files from 329 up to 512 remain in the HAEU’s database for reference.