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Postgraduate Research Grant(s) on Christian Democracy and European Integration - 2017 Edition

The Group of the European People's Party (Christian Democrats) in the European Parliament has created a programme of grants for researchers interested in the history, role and impact of Christian Democracy on the process of European integration.


This grant programme is designed to enable researchers with an interest in Christian Democracy and European integration to broaden their research by studying the primary sources held at the Historical Archives of the European Union in Florence, at the EPP Group’s archives in Brussels and/or at the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) in Sankt Augustin - Bonn.


The following researchers are eligible to apply:

  • All current postgraduate students (master’s and doctoral candidates);
  • All postdoctoral researchers or university professors who have completed a master’s degree or doctorate in the past five years preceding the date of submission of the application.

Applicants should be preparing a thesis, dissertation, or scholarly article relating to Christian Democracy and European integration in one or more of the disciplines of human and social sciences (e.g. history, political sciences, law, etc.).

Research projects presented by postgraduate students or postdoctoral researchers should preferably be directly related to their doctoral or master’s field of research.

In view of the nature of the files concerned, candidates should have a sound knowledge of English and French. Knowledge of other EU languages would be an advantage.

Only individual applications will be considered for the programme.

Candidates may not submit an application with the same research subject on more than two occasions.

Candidates must be nationals of a Member State of the European Union.

These eligibility criteria will be strictly applied.

Application Procedures and Deadline

Applications must be sent by e-mail to the Historical Archives of the European Union at the European University Institute (see  e-mail address below) no later than 31 May 2017. Confirmation that an application has been received will be sent by e-mail one week after it is received.

Applications and all supporting documentation must be submitted in either English or French. The application file should include only the information required (see below).

Completed application files should include: 

  • Presentation of the research proposal, including a description of the research subject, its academic significance and its impact on research in the field, any previous academic work performed in the field of study, and the proposed research methodology and timetable (five pages maximum);
  • Annotated bibliography of sources and studies related to the research (five pages maximum);
  • Justification of the need to use primary archival sources;
  • Statement of the applicant’s plans for scholarly publication of the research results;
  • List of the applicant’s previous publications (no more than 10, including the most recent);
  • Letter of recommendation from a professor of a university or university-level research institute, providing an evaluation of the scholarly significance of the project and an assessment of the candidate’s training, abilities, and motivation for the proposed research.

Grant Awards

Successful applicants will receive a research grant of 5.000 € to cover all expenses related to the consultation of primary sources in Florence, Brussels and/or Sankt Augustin - Bonn.

The grant will be paid in two instalments:

  • a first instalment of 3.000 € at the start of the research, as attested by the Director of the Historical Archives of the European Union;
  • a second instalment of 2.000 € after the publication of an article in an academic journal or a monography based on the research effected.

Selection and Notification

The Selection Committee is composed of representatives of the EPP Group and the Director of the Historical Archives of the European Union in Florence. Decisions are based upon the quality of the application file, the significance and originality of the proposed research, the pertinence of the project, the candidate’s ability to carry out the research satisfactorily, and the importance of using the Archives.

Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application before the 31 July 2017.

Publications and Commitments

Grant holders will undertake to ensure that all subsequent publications or productions, using in whole or in part the results obtained under the auspices of the research grant, will appropriately acknowledge the Postgraduate Research Grant Programme. In addition, they will provide the Historical Archives of the European Union with a copy of any such publications or productions.

The Group of the European People's Party does not assume any legal liability for the accuracy, quality, completeness of any information, production disclosed by the Grant holders, nor that the use of such information, product would not infringe on privately owned rights. The views and opinions of the Grant holders do not necessarily state or represent the official position of the EPP Group.


Applications and any related correspondence should be submitted to:

Laura Burgassi, Coordinator

Historical Archives of the European Union

Email: Laura.Burgassi@EUI.eu  

Tel. (+39) 055 4685661


Page last updated on 21 April 2017