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High-level research in an international and stimulating environment 

EUI’s research programmes and projects produce cutting-edge work in a wide range of fields and disciplines. Research activities at the EUI cover projects, seminars, workshops, conferences and summer schools that enhance intellectual discourse and debate. Research is often carried out using comparative or contextual approaches to examine and develop wide-ranging areas, many of them with a specifically European perspective. The EUI research strategy aims to promote interaction between EUI academic members and policymakers.

EUI members and their projects address many of the major challenges that face Europe and the world, and their objectives are to lead the international agenda across the EUI’s disciplinary spectrum and through interdisciplinary initiatives. The results of EUI research make significant contribution to the external world.

EUI’s world-leading academics and researchers develop the Institute’s existing strengths and new lines of intellectual enquiry. The aim is to find solutions to complex, real-world problems using an interdisciplinary approach. The EUI encourages its academic community  to reach their full potential in research, enhancing their career development with clear performance standards and high-quality support. Through these efforts the EUI also aims to understanding and influencing the external research and policy agenda.  


Latest News

New: Research-based Teaching Seminar

On Friday 17th February Jenni Carr from the Teaching & Learning Centre of the London School of Economics gave an introduction to the Teaching-Research nexus (TRN), a teaching approach adopted across the globe to enhance student learning and the quality of teaching. Find the slides of the seminar and some other resources on the event's page.
Cadmus 20,000 publications

Cadmus 20,000 publications

read over 5,000 in Open Access online

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