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Current Population Survey (USA)


Data description

The Current Population Survey provides monthly data on employment, earnings, educational attainment, income, poverty, health insurance and other socio-economic variables for approximately 50,000 American households. The Survey is conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Respondents are interviewed about the employment status of each household member over fifteen years of age. The sample provides estimates for each federal state and the USA as a whole.


Time period
  • 1994-2014: available via the CPS download platform.
  • 1979-2001: available via EUI server (access procedures below).


Support links

Full details of the Survey are on the CPS homepage.
The Census Bureau Data Ferret analysis and extraction software is explained on this page

How to access data

1994-2014 data is available via the CPS download platform.

1979-2001 EUI-archived data on the secured server is restricted to current EUI members who have completed the registration procedure as follows:

  • Complete the online EUI Data Registration Form (selecting 'Current Population Survey' from the drop down menu)
  • Sign the EUI 'Conditions of Use' agreement and the 'Confidentiality Declaration' at the Badia Library (Economics Office, 085) or at the Departmental Library information desk (VSP)
  • Registered current EUI members can access the data directly from the secured drive.

CPS files on the EUI server are in Stata *.dta format.

Consult this online Tutorial on Loading and Using Data on Windows.


Data homepage

Contact: Thomas Bourke at econlibrary@eui.eu

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