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Eurostat Yearbook


Data description

The Eurostat Yearbook ('Europe in Figures') is an online publication of official statistical series from the European Union statistics bureau. The Yearbook provides statistics on the EU, member states, sub-state regions and - for comparative purposes - a selection of non-EU states. Longer time series may be downloaded from the Eurostat Dissemination Database. Eurostat Yearbook data are presented in nine primary themes:

  • General and regional statistics
  • Economy and finance
  • Population and social conditions
  • Industry, trade and services
  • Agriculture and fisheries
  • External trade
  • Transport
  • Environment and energy
  • Science and technology

Eurostat's Statistics Explained provides an introduction to official EU statistics.

The Eurostat Regional Yearbook is at this link.


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Concepts and definitions are explained on the Eurostat metadata page.
Data classifications, NACE, CPA and NUTS are explained on this page.


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European statistical data resources (EUI Library directory).


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