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Government Finance Statistics (IMF)


Data description

Government Finance Statistics
 provides data on revenue, expenditure and transactions in assets and liabilities for the state sector and sub-sectors, for 137 countries from 1990 to 2013.

For 1972-1989 coverage, access Historical Government Finance Statistics.

Further IMF data is available in Direction of Trade Statistics and International Financial Statistics.

Government Finance Statistics contains four data views:

  • 'Table View' corresponding to tables in the GFS Yearbook
  • 'Economic Concept View' providing access to comparable analytical concepts across countries
  • 'Search/view' based on the structure of the time series codes
  • 'Multi-year Matrix View' for enhanced data analysis based on GFS manual statements and tables.

Detailed classification tables are presented in Appendix 4 of the GFS Manual.


Time period

Coverage: 1990-2013
Latest on server: September 2014
Historical GFS data: 1972-1989


Support links

The online Government Finance Statistics manual is on this IMF page.

Users are encouraged to read the documentation files in the GFS DVD.


How to access data

Connect to the GFS networked DVD via this Catalogue record.

When the networked DVD interface opens, select the target drive before clicking on ‘connect.’ If this step is not taken, it will not be possible to save after selecting variables for export.

DVD/CD-rom server instructions are on this page.

Use an on-campus computer to access this resource.


Data homepage

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