G-SOEP - German Socio-Economic Panel (DIW Berlin)


Data description

The German Socio-Economic Panel (G-SOEP) is a longitudinal survey of approximately 11,000 private households in the Federal Republic of Germany from 1984 to 2012, and eastern German länder from 1990 to 2012. G-SOEP is produced by DIW Berlin. Variables include household composition, employment, occupations, earnings, health and satisfaction indicators.


Time period

Data updated: November 2013
Waves 1 to 29; 1984-2012


Support links

DIW Berlin provides detailed information about G-SOEP methodology and variables in German and English.

Latest news about the survey and related international workshops is available in the G-SOEP newsletter. Register for future email delivery.

Research papers based on GSOEP data are listed on this DIW page.


How to access data

Current EUI members can access G-SOEP data as follows:

  • Complete the online Data Registration Form (selecting 'G-SOEP' in the dropdown menu)
  • Sign the EUI 'Conditions of Use' agreement and the 'Confidentiality Declaration' at the Badia Library Economics Office (085) or the Economics Department information desk (VSP)
  • EUI members who wish to use the data should send a project title and the name of their supervisor (where applicable) to soepmail@diw.de
  • Following registration, users will be given access to the restricted server and provided with a password
  • G-SOEP data Waves 1-29 are in a Zip file, with the data release notes (PDF, 2013). 

Selected indicators are also available for download via SOEPmonitor.

PanelWhiz is a collection of G-SOEP-compatible Stata/SE® add-on scripts, developed by John Haisken-DeNew (Essen).

Restricted geo-coded regional-level data can be consulted on the DIW premises in Berlin.

Stata 13 manuals are available at this link.


Data homepage

Contact: Thomas Bourke at econlibrary@eui.eu

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