U.S. Census


Data description

U.S. Census Bureau demoraphic data are released as individual files for the 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Data generated from questions to all subjects/housing units, cover demographic, social, economic and other characteristics for the USA and its regions, divisions, states, counties, metropolitan areas, American Indian and Alaska Native areas, Hawaiian homelands and congressional districts.


Time period

The census takes place every ten years. The U.S. Census Bureau provides an overview of decennial census collection and collation methodology from 1790 to 2010.


Support links

Details of methodology are available on the U.S. Census Bureau site.

The Census information directory provides an overview.

EUI users also have access to the Historical Statistics of the United States compendium.


How to access data

The U.S. Census Data Access site provides information on dowloading and tools. 

EUI members can also request Census files from the ICPSR data archive as follows:

Consult the online Tutorial on Loading and Using Data on Windows.

Stata 13 manuals are available at this link.


Data homepage

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