History and Civilization Library Guide

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  • The EUI Library is the first EUI service offered to support the research and teaching activities in the Department of History and Civilization .
  • Web-based information and documentation -the digital library- complement today traditional printed collections: the EUI Library offers hybrid collections and services to historians.
  • This History & Civilisation Research Guide provides information on EUI Library holdings in the humanities and on electronic resources available for historians. 
  • The academic profile of the History Department (HEC), has a decisive impact on the EUI Library collection-building policy and library services.
  • The Inter Library Loan service for out of print or very specific materials is a decisive service for accessing secondary literature not owned at the EUI Library
  • The City of Florence has an important network of excellent libraries and sources collections, especially for the Renaissance and Early Modern Periods.
  • The History Department European History Primary Sources portal (EHPS) is a searchable index of open access (OA) web-based original digital primary sources. 
  • The WWW History Central Catalogue, is another EUI HEC Department portal indexing web sites useful to historians.
  • The Web, Digital Humanities and Digital (Public) Histiory, redesigned the historian's craft and more simply, communication of and access to scholarly information and documentation.  The "digital history turn" is therefore explored in the HEC Department & EUI Library Atelier Multimédia series of seminars, workshops and teaching activities.


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