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Multidisciplinary Research Workshop: "Interrogating Interdisciplinarity"

Wednesday 30 January 2013 11:00 - 13:00
Conference Room, Villa la Fonte
Max Weber Programme
Fellows at workshop

The goal of this multidisciplinary workshop is to encourage reflection upon the challenges of communication and collaboration across the disciplinary boundaries of the Max Weber Programme. The basic assumptions, foundations, methodologies, academic practices, forms of engagement, and final measures of achievement of each of our disciplines often diverge in ways that are impossible to ignore. In addition, as interdisciplinarity is currently in vogue, this workshop will address how we actually engage in such interdisciplinary scholarship and collaboration. What can we really learn from one another?

The first part of this workshop will address the important foundations and epistemological assumptions of each of our disciplines / Law, Social and Political Sciences, History and Civilization, and Economics.

The second part of the workshop will focus on one issue / labor / and explore the differing potential starting points and approaches each discipline make take to tackling this subject. Most importantly, this workshop will provide an opportunity for frank and open discussion among Max Weber fellows across disciplines about our different approaches.

All welcome to attend, for logistical reasons, please register with Susan Garvin.

  • Jean Beaman (EUI - Max Weber Postdoctoral Programme)
  • Stefan Johannes Link (EUI - Max Weber Postdoctoral Programme)
  • Gabrielle Clark (EUI - Max Weber Postdoctoral Programme)
  • Konrad Lawson (EUI - Max Weber Postdoctoral Programme)