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Luncheon Discussion Series 'The Networked Scholar'


The Luncheon Discussion Series will explore the use of open scholarship and online networks by academics and academic institutions and their impact on academic practice.

Open scholarship and online networks challenge - or at least complement – assumptions about how teaching, research, knowledge creation and sharing and the academy are and need to be organised. In the Luncheon Discussion Series we will discuss the opportunities that open and digital scholarship offers to academics and academic institutions and explore different topics, such as how online tools may offer different ways to engage with other scholars, how open-access to data and publications impact on your publication and research strategies, what implications  it has to design your teaching.

The discussions will offer a critical review of the potential but also some of the challenges of open and networked scholarship. We will also be giving practical examples and sharing experiences.


The Open Dissertation and the Open Researcher: What can Online Scholarship Offer to Researchers?

6th December 2016, 12.00 – 13.00, Theatre (Badia Fiesolana)

Tweeting Scholars: A way to communicate your research?

14 October 2016, 12.00 – 13.30, Seminar Room 2 (Badia Fiesolana)


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